Buying a Diamond, especially an engagement ring, can be a stressful process. How much do I spend? What shaped stone should I get? Should it be a gold or platinum setting? What are the 4 C’s of Diamonds I keep hearing about? There is so much to take into consideration when choosing a Diamond engagement ring that it can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. First, start by figuring out what type of budget you have. That way you’ll have a clear idea of where to begin. There is the old adage of spending two months salary, but seriously, spend what you can comfortably afford. Remember however, Diamonds don’t depreciate over time so they are a solid investment. Next, find out what your lady likes. Does she wear a lot of yellow or white gold already? Does she lean more towards traditional or more modern style jewelery? Try to find out which Diamond shape is her favorite. If the ring is a surprise, this can all be done secretly. Try checking out her jewelery box or casually talking with her about jewelery. Just don’t be too obvious! Now it’s time to choose your stone. Remember the 4 C’s, well it’s simply the Diamond grading system developed by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and is the standard in the industry. It includes Cut, Color, Carat (weight) and Clarity of the stone. Amoro has an entire section on their website dedicated to Diamond Education that clearly explains what you need to know when selecting your gemstone. Amoro has taken the 4 C’s a step further and added a 5th “C”, Confidence. Since they have a lifetime of expertise in Diamond selection, this allows Amoro to assure their customers that their Diamonds represent the best combination of the Four C’s available. When it comes down to it, an engagement ring is a promise of a future together filled with love, happiness and friendship. Any women worth her salt is going to be so overjoyed by the gift of that promise, everything else will become secondary. So now that you know how to buy a Diamond Engagement Ring, only one question remains. Hope it’s a yes!