Designed With Love • Crafted With Love • To Be Given With Love

Jewelry has the power to dazzle. Especially our jewelry. But over the years, we at Amoro have learned that while the sheer beauty of our creations may be what attracts customers in the first place, it’s our commitment to Quality, Service and Value that makes them become customers for life. We’re very proud of that.

Amoro Quality

Love and craftsmanship, in even the smallest details.

Amoro jewelry is meticulously crafted and painstakingly designed to embrace its wearer with excellence – in form, balance, materials, and workmanship. Many of our most unique design features (we refer to them as Amoro’s ‘Personal Pleasures’) are seen and enjoyed only by the wearer, greatly enhancing the special private joy of owning an Amoro creation. Today, and for generations to come.

As you browse our collection, be on the lookout for romantic scrollwork hidden in unexpected places, heart-shaped prongs and earring backs, a secret diamond ‘kiss’ or a tiny gold heart tag suspended from a sliding chain. These and our many other signature Amoro features rival those of any elite jewelry brand, yet are yours at a pleasingly affordable price point.

Amoro Service

Personal attention and peace of mind, included.

At Amoro, we believe that no matter how fine the jewelry, fine service is a large part of what you take away from your visit with us. Your comfort and trust are every bit as valuable as our gemstones and gold, possibly more so.

While the Amoro collection can be viewed online at your convenience from home or office, our US-based Customer Care team is at your disposal from start to finish – and beyond. You’ll find them ready to assist personally with selection, information, questions and any follow up issues that may arise. You’ll also find them schooled in old-world politeness, honesty and commitment – as well as in gemstone and jewelry knowledge.

We will accurately and comprehensively detail the exact cut, setting and carat weight of each gemstone in your selected Amoro design. An Amoro Certificate of Authenticity or Independent Gemological Laboratory Certificate will be provided with your purchase, depending on type and size of stones.

In addition, every Amoro transaction is subject to our Full Satisfaction policy. If you, or your gift recipients, are not 100% pleased with your selection, unworn jewelry may be returned for a full refund or for replacement with an alternative piece. Even the return domestic US shipping is free.

Amoro Value

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder. But value is on their mind.

The purchase of fine jewelry is both an emotional and a material investment. In fact, these two aspects intersect in important ways – especially when the purchase is to be a gift to celebrate enduring love or a milestone achieved.

Emotionally, the giver and receiver each need to believe in the inherent excellence and rarity of their special gift. In a more material sense, the purchaser wants assurance that they have received the most value for their often considerable investment. Since few of us are jewelry crafters or gemologists, this is a situation where trust rules the day.

At Amoro, we have a deep respect for the value of that trust. To that end, we work only with world-class gemstone suppliers and craftsmen who can ensure that each component and process used in building your Amoro creation is of the highest possible standard for the price.

We’ve been designing and delivering celebratory jewelry for quite a long time, and intend to continue doing so for quite a long time more. Your peace of mind and appreciation of high value is absolutely essential to that plan.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

True beauty is mysterious, personal and timeless.


Like most forms of art, a truly fine piece of jewelry amounts to much more than the sum of its ‘parts’. Precious metals and gemstones endure for thousands of years, and often appreciate in value with time – but lasting enjoyment of a piece of jewelry has everything to do with the care and excellence of its craftsmanship.

With these criteria in mind, Amoro’s modern interpretations of classic styles are designed with a multitude of luxurious details – designed to delight today and for lifetimes to come. Each is meticulously crafted to exacting specifications, with comprehensive quality checks at every step of the fabrication process.

There is an undeniable magic to the seductive power of such craftsmanship. It is what separates baubles from heirlooms. And makes each Amoro piece a fitting tribute to a life well celebrated.

90-Day Quality Assurance

Amoro guarantees its fine jewelry to be free of any manufacturing defects for a period of 90 days from date of purchase, or for 90 days from the date a gift is given. Our high quality standards make such issues a rarity, but if a valid defect is encountered, Amoro will repair or replace the item free of charge, including shipping costs.

Customer Repairs

Should accidental damage occur to your Amoro fine jewelry at any time, please contact a Customer Care representative right away. If we determine that your jewelry should be returned to Amoro for a repair assessment, Amoro will swiftly arrange a prepaid UPS shipping label referencing your Return Authorization number, which is required.

Once your properly authorized return has been received, it will be inspected by our jeweler or original designer, and Amoro Customer Care will contact you to provide an estimated time frame and cost for the needed repair. Customers are responsible for repair charges and applicable shipping fees after original 90-Day Quality Assurance period has expired.

Remember: it is essential to contact a Customer Care representative for a repair or replacement authorization before sending your jewelry back to Amoro. Please contact Amoro Customer Care for your authorization. Any item returned without an Amoro-issued Return Authorization number will be refused and returned to the owner at their expense.