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Like us + (enter to) win!

Posted by Amoro on 11/30/2011
Everyone likes flowers. How could you not like fresh flowers? We love flowers. And We like you. Please ‘Like’ us on Facebook and enter to win a coupon code good towards $100 of fresh flowers to use at Teleflora. Deck the Halls and Celebrate the Holidays! But hurry! Giveaway ends December 15, 2011.

Cyber Monday Madness Continues. Enter to Win!

Posted by Amoro on 11/29/2011
We’re sure you’ll like this. But I never win anything. Think positive. Someone has to win and why not you! Remember you have to enter to win. I’m thinking positive. This ring has my name all over it! Tango. I thought your name was Melanie. It’s Melanie Tango. Good Luck! Good things do come in small red packages.

Jewelery Wardrobes

Posted by Amoro on 11/26/2011
A wardrobe is typically defined as a collection of coordinated clothing – both formal and casual. Most of us purchase clothing with an entire outfit in mind. A gorgeous top that goes well with a favorite pair of jeans. A great looking pair of boots that go wonderfully with that new bag or hat. You coordinate tops, bottoms and even undergarments. So why not jewelery? Many people have a special piece of jewelery they wear daily. It could be a ring, necklace and pendant, earrings or bracelet. For many women it’s their engagement ring or wedding band. Why not start building your own jewelery wardrobe that coordinates with your style?

Diamonds are a girl’s BFF

Posted by Amoro on 11/25/2011
It’s been this way my whole life. Girls, you know it. You’re my best friends and you see what happens. I said: Hi Jimmy and the next thing I knew he puts a diamond on my finger and I’m Mrs Dougherty. It didn’t take long to fizzle. Jimmy was swell but I was too young. Then there was Joe- hey another JD (Gee, I already had the monogramed sheets)- and we lasted 9 months. He was swell but that fizzled too.

Happy Thanksgiving with Love

Posted by Amoro on 11/23/2011
Happy Thanksgiving And Happy Thanksgiving to you We have so much to be thankful for. Remember when we first met. It was the week of Thanksgiving. And we had our first date on Thanksgiving. You came to my house. You thought my family was eccentric. At least that’s what you said. I was being polite. But the turkey was very good. Your mom is a good cook. And it was the first Thanksgiving of many. At my mother’s house. Come to think of it- you’ve never cooked a turkey. No I can’t say that I have. How could I top my mom’s? And then the next year you proposed to me on Thanksgiving. It seemed to be the perfect day. I was so thankful you came into my life. That’s so sweet. And the ring was so perfect. I still love it. For eternity. I hope so (a princess cut for his Princess). How many Thanksgivings have we had together? 10! Which means it’s our anniversary. Yes Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Anniversary.

Sensational Holiday Gifts. Sensibly Priced.

Posted by Amoro on 11/22/2011
Let Amoro become your jeweler for life. Designed with love. Created with love. To be given with love. And to be worn with love. Forever.

Tales of Black Friday. .

Posted by Amoro on 11/21/2011
In French in the sweetest of little voices they said: Nous raconteur one histoire Do tell us a story grandmama. Well, all right children but I hope you don’t have nightmares. Your mother will never forgive me. I really shouldn’t . . . it’s so late. Please. Please. PLEASE!!. Are you ready? Yes! It was a cold and rainy morning. The wind was howling. Oooh! The sun hadn’t come up yet. I heard voices- hundreds of voices as I arrived at the store. Were you scared? Terrified! I wanted those diamond earrings more than you could ever know. I was determined. And what happened? I waited and waited. Totally wet and hungry. And then? Voila! I got inside the store. I felt jubilant as I approached the counter. But just as I arrived at the counter the salesgirl yelled out- NO MORE LEFT. You’ll have to come back tomorrow. Did you? I did. And. . I never got the diamond earrings. Oh Grandmama that is such a scary story. But there is a happy ending children. I have discovered Amoro Fine Jewelry and now I do all my shopping online. Look at my earrings? Can I try them on? They are beautiful and came from Amoro. Grandpapa shops there. He does? Yes and you may tell him Grandmama loves the diamond ring she saw online today. We shall But will he know which one? Let me show you children.

Diamonds + chocolate

Posted by Amoro on 11/19/2011
He walked in the house very quickly (I thought I saw packages in his hands) which aroused my suspicions. Honey did you just get the mail? Yeah, there’s nothing there. Just the usual bills and catalogs. I’ve never seen so many catalogs. It must be because of Christmas. (He was trying to divert my attention, a ploy that was not going to work) Could you bring the mail to me? I love to look through the catalogs. OK, but wait a minute. He was up to something. I wonder what. Here’s the mail. Do you get every catalog ever printed on the planet? Maybe. What do you have there? A little something for you. Go on open it. Godiva Chocolate Truffles! You know I’m a serious chocoholic, you’re just feeding my addiction. I’m sorry, let me help you with some of those truffles. I admit I’m an enabler but I love chocolate too. (Little did she know the Godiva chocolates came complimentary with her gift. A gift that I have hidden. Very hidden until Christmas day. I can’t wait til she sees it) Another chocolate? Don’t mind if I do.


Posted by Amoro on 11/19/2011
Scott and Zelda have invited us for cocktails. She doesn’t cook but she makes a wonderful cocktail. ‘But what about dinner? Silly we’re in Paris. Who needs dinner when we’re in Paris! I hate to remind you but the day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday. Such a gloomy name for a day. Maybe a cocktail will be in order. I know how much you like to celebrate in the stores. I have lost my appetite. Oh darling, it’s not so bad. We fell in love in the jewelry department of Le Bon Marche. That ring was absolutely. Absolutely ridiculous (so big) and ravishing at the same time. Or maybe it was just you. Do you still have it? I do and I’ll wear it the day after Thanksgiving. Cause for celebrations! Ah! online shopping and a cocktail.

The Little Red Box

Posted by Amoro on 11/19/2011
I can’t see in. What are you trying to see? Bob’s in the How to Tie the Amoro Bow in 8 Easy Step’s Class and I want to see how he’s doing. You’re taller why don’t you try to look inside. I see him. His hands are all tied in ribbon. He’s trying to get his hands apart. Oh no! He’s looking pretty upset. The teacher just came up to him and unraveled his hands. Mike’s laughing. I didn’t know Mike was there too. Mike’s not laughing anymore. He just got all tangled. I wanted Bob to help me wrap gifts. I thought the class would help motivate him. He’s always admired the Amoro bow. I must admit I’m glad he didn’t learn how to tie the bow because now he’ll have to order all the presents online from Amoro. Free luxury gift packaging, Free shipping, Duty Free Savings, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. And I can’t forget the Godiva Truffles. Godiva Truffles! Plus the jewelry is gorgeous. Bob loves to celebrate special occasions with me and now Amoro will be joining us. When I see that little red box it will be pretty hard to contain my excitement but I must remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

The online pleasures of Amoro

Posted by Amoro on 11/19/2011
Ever dramatic, shopping for her engagement ring was no exception “I don’t know if I’ll ever find the perfect ring. But when I do- you will know” I was quite stricken by that last remark but knowing Cecelia I knew drama. That is one of the things I loved about her. She made life exciting but decision making terribly trying. This was no exception.

The Ultimate Holiday Jewelry Gift for 2011 – Limited Edition Pristine Hearts Jewelry

Posted by Amoro on 11/18/2011
Learn about the rare and uniquely special Pristine Hearts Diamond – only available from Amoro and for a limited time!

Necks are for neck-laces. . .

Posted by Amoro on 11/18/2011
She declared: “I hate heels and from this day forth I shall never wear them again. Ever!” Her feet just aren’t made for heels (ouch!) but her neck is made for diamonds 7 round brilliant diamonds in an exclusive Amoro design.

Love from Amoro, Santa + Marilyn

Posted by Amoro on 11/17/2011
I think I’ll write Frank a letter. It was awfully sweet of Mr Sinatra to send me chocolate truffles and jewelry again. And come to think about it I owe a lot of fellas letters. They are just too good to me. It’s not every day a girl gets such wonderful gifts. But wait a minute. I’ve been getting Godiva Chocolates and diamonds every day. I guess I just must have been a very good girl.

Men + shopping. . . the real story

Posted by Amoro on 11/16/2011
How do you do. You are looking rather well this evening. May I take your hand? Good Evening Robby and you are looking very well this evening. Let us connect hands. Do you want to go to a movie? Affirmative. A movie would be good. I do not want to see a foreign film. I want to see a love story.

Hidden treasures. . .

Posted by Amoro on 11/15/2011
They thought it would be exciting to own a B & B. Just think of all the interesting people we’ll meet. Yeah, and no boss. It will be like being on a vacation every day. But then there was Mrs Henderson. ‘Mrs H’ I’ll never forget her. She came every year on precisely the same date and stayed for the same amount of time. She was always on schedule.

Amoro’s Lifetime Diamond Trade-Up Guarantee

Posted by Amoro on 11/11/2011
Once upon a time a young man fell in love with a young woman. It wasn’t hard. She was everything he ever dreamed of and more. They often talked about marriage and their life together and this made both of them very happy. Because he was young he didn’t have much money but he had a great future ahead and together they could do anything. He wanted to buy her the prettiest and sparkliest ring in all the land. But he wanted to surprise her so he decided to go shopping online at Amoro Fine Jewelry late at night (when she was fast asleep) and he quietly looked at all the jewelry unhurried.

Eternity Cut Diamonds are forever. .

Posted by Amoro on 11/10/2011
Puss n’ Boots, that swashbuckling feline, sent our cat Mademoiselle Fluffiness a diamond necklace. And ever the romantic there was a card inside that said: “Diamonds are forever. ‘Til eternity. All my Love, Boots”

Love is blue

Posted by Amoro on 11/9/2011
“Is love blue?” It’s the color of the sea. I love the sea. It’s the color of the sky. I love the sky. It’s the color of your eyes. “What do you see when you look in my eyes?” I see love and I know love is blue.

Ready for the ultimate show stopper. .

Posted by Amoro on 11/8/2011
What are you watching? An essential. Not again. Alec Baldwin and Robert Osborne both say that when you watch an essential it’s like watching the movie for the very first time. But don’t you get tired of knowing what will happen next? Shhhh. . Here comes the showstopper. .

The Amoro Red Carpet

Posted by Amoro on 11/7/2011
She enters the house + walks down the red carpet she keeps by the front door. . . Smiling he says: It’s Maria Menounos! He claps and tells her to take a spin. She spins a few times. You’re sure looking good Maria. ”Silly it’s me.” She was amused. Teasing he said: I really thought for a second you were Maria. The sparkle from your earrings must have blinded me. But you sure look better. Much better. Come here for your close-up. You and those earrings. And he gives her a kiss and she gives him another spin.

Diamonds are forever

Posted by Amoro on 11/4/2011
She said it softly: I’ll love you forever Joe. Joe said: “Until eternity.” And then he placed the 35 baguette-cut diamond ring on her finger. Marilyn giggled and kissed Joe on the cheek which already had lipsticks marks all over. Come on Joe let me clean you up a little. She took a kleenex out of her small purse and tried to dab it up. Gee Honey I’m sorry I made things worse. Joe gallantly said: “Don’t worry kid” And this was the start of nine months of bliss. Nine giggling blissful months. And though neither the bliss nor the marriage lasted the diamonds did. Diamonds are forever.

Harvest Moon

Posted by Amoro on 11/3/2011
‘But there’s a full moon risin’ ✧ Let’s go dancin’ in the light ✧ We know where the music’s playing ✧ Let’s go out and feel the night’ ~ Neil Young

‘Tis the season to sparkle in pearls

Posted by Amoro on 11/1/2011
Audrey you should wear a watch. “I’ve never worn one and I’m not going to start today” But if you have a watch on you’ll never be late “Really how is a watch going to make sure I’m on time” And with a dash and a trail of her perfume (she always smelled like spring) she was out the door. But just as soon as she was out the door, she was back. What did you forget now Audrey? “My pearl earrings” Now you’re going to be very late. “I’ll walk extra fast” She did a few jeté through the streets on the way to her modeling assignment. Floating through the air she landed on a poor innocent bystander. “Oh I’m sorry I was not paying attention” No Miss. I’m sorry I was in the way. By the way you should be in movies. “I should be at my modeling assignment, I am so late” Let me escort you there. If I hadn’t been in the way- you would have never been late.

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