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Birthstone Guide

Celebrating Life’s Birthdays. Yesterday. Today. Amoro.

Celebrate your birthday with Amoro fine jewelry featuring your birthstone. Wearing beautiful jewelry crafted around your birthstone celebrates life and love and is thought to bring good luck, romance, wealth and health.

Keep in mind traditional birthstones associated with months have changed over the years and vary from region to region. Amoro is pleased to recommend some traditional birthstones.

Amoro can assist you with crafting a truly special birthday gift that celebrates you and your loved one for an eternity. For more information please call 1-877-772-6676 or click here to chat or email us at [email protected].

January Garnet Garnet is said to often represent faith, eternity and truth.
February Amethyst Amethyst is associated with luck and wealth.
March Aquamarine Eternal youth, health and happiness have been related to Aquamarine.
April Diamond Courage and eternity are the Diamond's best known meanings.
May Emerald Emeralds are associated with goodness, fidelity and love.
June Pearl Cultured Pearls are known to bring peace and wisdom when worn.
July Ruby Rubies are associated with love, enthusiasm and strength.
August Peridot/Praseolite Looking for success, peace and luck then look no further than Peridot or Praseolite.
September Sapphire Wearing Sapphires means having a noble soul, bringing serenity and truth.
October Sapphire Wearing Sapphires means having a noble soul, bringing serenity and truth.
November Citrine Citrine is known to bring sincerity, wisdom and courage.
December Blue Topaz The alluring color of Blue Topaz brings with it love, happiness and luck.