At Amoro, we know giving a gift of jewelry is intensely personal, whether a diamond anniversary ring or special gemstone pendant – we want the gift and sentiment behind to last a lifetime. Giving precious jewelry signifies love, emotion, commitment and friendship. For this reason Amoro fine jewelry features an exclusive combination of beautiful form and thoughtful functionality we call Personal Pleasures - elegant, discreet elements many times known only to the wearer but appreciated forever. Personal Pleasure = Form + Function.

Heart-Shaped Prongs

What's more romantic than having the most precious of gemstones held securely in place by your lover's heart? Amoro's Golden Heart-Shaped Prongs are the most romantic way to secure a precious gem and besides being beautiful the extra gold and the special attention to detail insures that it’s also safe and snag free.

Amoro Diamond Kiss

A secret "stolen" kiss that the wearer can cherish for years to come. A Personal Pleasure created with a Genuine Diamond placed in an engraved heart on the side of most Amoro rings. Known only to the wearer unless she chooses to share her special feature, the Diamond Kiss is a special reminder of one's true love.

Decorative Undercarriage and Sides

Most often over-looked the undercarriage is seldom given the attention to detail necessary to make a truly finished piece of art. Every opportunity is taken with Amoro fine jewelry to incorporate decorative heart-motifs behind and on the side of a design to enhance its beauty and allure viewed from every angle.

Romantic Heart Azures

Many Amoro Diamond Eternity rings have romantic heart shaped cut outs (azures) below the diamonds. The heart openings allow light to access the diamonds and also reduce the precious metal weight and cost. Amoro heart Azures are available on Full Eternity, 3/4 Eternity and 1/2 Eternity diamond rings in selected styles.

Comfort Fit, Sculpted Bands

Wearing a beautiful ring for an extended period of time should be a delightful and comfortable experience - a true Personal Pleasure. Amoro crafts each ring shank, using a generous amount of metal, into a smooth and rounded surface that sits comfortably on the finger. Eliminating the sharp edges on the ring allows the ring to slide on smoothly and easily.

Oversized Earring Backs

Thoughtful and practical, Amoro creates secure earring backs like no other. Two generous pieces of precious metal are combined to create an easy to pick-up and use earring back. The plate comfortably rests on the back of the ear supporting even larger studs while the heart-shaped tab securely grasps the double-notched earring post for extra security. Amoro heart shaped backs are also available for screw on posts.

Hinged Bail Pendants

Versatility is also a Personal Pleasure that's why Amoro adds an extra secure, beautifully designed hinged bail on larger pendants. This allows for an easy change to a different chain, cords or perhaps to adorn a pearl necklace without sacrificing any of the pendant's splendor.

Adjustable Slide Chain

The tickle on the back of your neck - a lover's touch? Or, the playful gold heart tag suspended from Amoro's adjustable slide chain. A secure and versatile piece of jewelry that eloquently displays a favorite pendant or worn alone, a beautifully created necklace.

Pristine Hearts® Diamond

Limited edition Pristine Hearts® Diamonds could be the ultimate Amoro Personal Pleasure because each has a heart locked inside its beauty. The diamonds are crafted using a unique, patented cut that creates the first and only one of its kind heart shape visible inside the Diamond - learn more.

Eternitymark® Diamond

Amoro relies on lifetimes of experience to give its clients Eternitymark® Diamonds that we believe give the most beauty for the money - here’s why: Grading Diamonds by the Four Cs has become the international standard however Amoro believes that the most important attribute of a Diamond is that it is truly beautiful. We believe Amoro's Eternitymark® Diamonds combine the most beauty for money through the optimum combination of cut, color and clarity - learn more.

18kt Gold Choice

18kt gold has been the benchmark metal of luxury jewelers world-wide for decades and . Although sometimes thought to be softer or too pliable,than other golds this is no longer a factor due to modern metallurgy techniques that gives it extra strength. Purer and more precious than 14kt gold, 18kt gold is far less prone to give the wearer allergic reactions making this the metal of choice for Amoro fine jewelry.