What do you get when you combine the Italian words for love (amore) and gold (oro)? Amoro! More than just being another jewelry company who offers pieces for special occasions, Amoro seeks to be your jeweler for a lifetime filled with love, pride and abundant celebration. Speaking of celebration, the month of May is ‘National Date Your Mate’ month and the perfect time to express your love to the special person in your life.

Amoro takes great pride in every piece of precious item it offers, so you can rest assured that our jewelry is of the highest quality. Amoro continues to maintain the high standard of craftsmanship that founder Stephen Crane a 40 year jewelry veteran, first established the business with. Plan a date for him or her and surprise them with a classy gold (or silver) piece of love in the form of a ring, cufflinks, earrings, a bracelet, or an engraved keychain.

There are no rules or guidelines for Date Your Mate month. The important thing is to take time out of your busy life to intentionally express to the person you’re sharing your life with, how much you appreciate and love them. Amoro is glad to offer the perfect fine jewelry to help you treat your mate to something special they can wear or carry with them all year long.