Accept/Ask for Help Your bridal party will be willing to help. Some will ask if they can do anything, while others will wait for you to ask them. Don’t be afraid to accept or ask for help. Tasks like picking up wedding flowers or getting the items for the centerpieces can all be done by others. You just take care of the bigger issues. You could also hire a wedding planner if you have the budget. Planners are there to take care of as much as possible. Don’t Crash Diet Many brides go on a crash diet in the weeks leading to their wedding, but this can cause more stress. You’re putting a lot of pressure on yourself, and won’t get the calories your bodies will need. If you have time now, go on a healthy eating plan to lose some weight if you really need to. Don’t drop your calories too much, and don’t cut anything you know you’ll crave out; you’ll only end up having a big blow out and regret it! Do Some Relaxation Exercises Whether you get a meditation CD for the home or you decide to take up a yoga class, relaxation exercises are excellent for managing the wedding stress. They’re not overly strenuous, either, meaning a lower risk of injury before your big day. If you do want something a little more outgoing, consider exercise classes or DVDs for the home to help give you some personal time. Managing your wedding stress will mean a more enjoyable day. Consider the above three options right away, so you can keep the planning stress to a minimum and find a way to relax afterwards.