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March 13th Jewel Day

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 3/13/2015

It's only fitting that special day be named to appreciate the beauty, elegance, and splendor of jewels. March 13th is National Jewel Day, and in honor of the brilliance of the day, Amoro is proud to offer exclusive jewelry customization services. Every piece of jewelry tells a story, and is meaningful to the giver and the receiver. Customized jewels however, add to their beauty by being personalized and specifically designed with you or one you love, in mind. Jewelry is always in season and never goes out of style, make your piece stand out from the next.

From charms and bracelets to engagement rings and wedding bands, Amoro Fine Jewelry can help you choose the style of your dreams. Tell the story of your love, or express your emotions through metals, stones, and settings that perfectly match the style and look of your special someone. Since you will customize your piece, you will be able to design and choose options that fit within your budget. National Jewel Day is just a few weeks away, and is a great time to start building the fully customized piece that will last a lifetime and have a personal story to go with it.

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 March 13th Jewel Day

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