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My New Year’s Resolution: Save Money by Shopping at Amoro.com

Posted by Amoro on 12/28/2011
What are your resolutions for 2012? If you’re like most people, your list probably contains entries about losing weight, joining a gym, quitting smoking, or spending more time with your family. Those are all worthwhile pursuits that can make you healthier and happier. But if you’re also a jewelry enthusiast like we are here at Amoro.com, then saving money on earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anniversary rings should also be part of your New Year’s agenda.

Amoro wishes you: Love, Peace & Romance!

Posted by Amoro on 12/24/2011
Love, peace & romance! Thank you for sharing your special occasions with Amoro throughout the year. May your Holiday Season be Merry & Bright!

A Modern Day Christmas Story

Posted by Amoro on 12/23/2011
Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Cut! This is a modern day Christmas Story! Sitting back with a martini we pretended to brave the bad weather, the crowds and smiled. Would you care for another dear? Why not! We don’t have to drive. You know the more I think about it Santa should do all his shopping online. Free Delivery and think of how good it would be for the environment. He is getting up in years. Exactly. Though I would like to invite him over for a round of martinis with us. Jolly good fellow.

As seen in JCK Magazine: Pop Princess Inspired Engagement Rings

Posted by Amoro on 12/22/2011
All little girls are Princesses in their own way. Some girls grow up to be real Princesses of tiny kingdoms by the sea. Think Princess Grace. While some little girls grow up to be Pop Princesses. Think Britney Spears. For those of us that believe in Happy Endings: Britney just got engaged and her Prince Charming (Could she become Britney Spears Charming?) presented her with a beautiful tiara inspired style for her Pop Princess finger. (Check out the gorgeous Amoro ring featured in the JCK Magazine article)

Today only: Save 20% on ALL Amoro Bracelets!

Posted by Amoro on 12/22/2011
Jingle. Jingle. I can hear you a mile away. I’m stacking up and stocking up on bracelets. But you only have two arms! Yes, but they are long and can hold a multitude of bracelets. Aren’t they pretty? They are but you don’t have to wear them all at once. Why not! I love my emerald bracelet, next to my sapphire bracelet and then the gold bangle, and the pearl bracelet (just like the one seen on The Martha Stewart Show) and I just couldn’t forget the diamond bracelet. It would never forgive me. You don’t want to forget the diamond bracelet. My thought exactly. Jingle. Jingle.

Holiday Giveaway! Sterling Silver + Diamond Sea Charm(ed) Bracelet

Posted by Amoro on 12/21/2011
Very charmed to meet you. Who are you talking to? My new Amoro Sterling Silver and Diamond Sea Charm Bracelet And is the bracelet answering you back? Of course. Do you think I would just talk to myself! And what did the charm bracelet say? It was very charmed to meet me. And we talked about our last vacation to the Caribbean. You know there are six charms on the bracelet and each signifies a special part of a vacation. A care free time. Sigh with all this hectic Holiday madness upon us it’s nice to just sit and gaze and talk to my charm bracelet. It is a little crazy before a holiday. Oh that’s a great idea. What’s a great idea? My charm bracelet suggested we take another vacation to the Caribbean. Don’t you think that’s a charming idea? Merry Christmas!

One Day Only- Special Holiday Offer

Posted by Amoro on 12/19/2011
What am I going to get your mother. . . I have bought her everything under the sun in the fifteen years we’ve been married. You name it. . the appliances, the clothes, the gift certificates. Any suggestions? You’ve done pretty good for the last fifteen years. We have less than a week.

Precious Gemstone Moments

Posted by Amoro on 12/18/2011
Hi How are you? And you? It seems like ages since we were able to sit down and just talk and enjoy ourselves. It’s crazy. We are both so busy with work and everything else. I know we get so caught up in our lives outside of our life together. We need to make a New Year’s Resolution. And what’s that? To spend more moments together. More precious moments.

A Little Something “Extra” Special

Posted by Amoro on 12/17/2011
‘Tis the season to be jolly. Fala la la la la la la la. Follow me in merry measure, Fa la la la la la la la la. While I tell of Yule tide treasure, Fa la la la la la la la la. That’s an awful lot of Fa-la-la-ing. I love Christmas. It really ’tis the season to be jolly. ‘Tis! By the way I love your little Merry Christmas dance. Why Thank you very much. I like to dance while Fa-la-la-ing. And that is also a pretty big stocking you got there. It is. It’s the biggest one I could find. I’m sure you looked very hard for it.

Happy 007th Anniversary. . Diamonds are forever

Posted by Amoro on 12/16/2011
James. . . Yes dear? How would you like your martini? The usual martini. Shaken not stirred. Perhaps a large thin slice of lemon peel. Certainly, monsieur. Your martini Mr Bond. Ah! Just the way I like. Could you say it for me. You know. Alright. Bond. James Bond. I always giggle when you say that. Now let me say my part. Bond. Mrs James Bond. That does sound rather good.

‘As seen on The Martha Stewart Show’ The perfect stocking stuffer

Posted by Amoro on 12/16/2011
What can we get the girls? And your Aunt and the babysitter? Do you have any suggestions?

How to Say ” I Love You Forever’

Posted by Amoro on 12/15/2011
I love you. I love you even more. I love you even more than more. I love you Forever. I love you Forever and Ever. Until eternity. Wow you do love me!

Amoro one of a kind Pristine Hearts Diamond

Posted by Amoro on 12/14/2011
I need to buy her something very special. Something no one else will have. Do you have any suggestions? We do. (Amoro’s Personal Shoppers always have great suggestions) What about exploring exclusive, only one in the world diamond gifts? Only one in the world. Yes. We have eight unique gifts left and each the only one of its kind in the world. In the universe.

Hot chocolate + laptop please!

Posted by Amoro on 12/13/2011
Could you get me a hot chocolate. . . Still in your pajamas? With whipped cream. Aren’t you ever getting out of bed? And could you bring me my laptop. And what may I ask are you going to be doing? I’m going Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping! Online. In the comfort of my cozy bed. It is so cold outside. With a nice cup of hot chocolate at my side. And whipped cream. No I don’t want to forget the whipped cream. I think I’ll get something for your mother. And my mother. No you can’t forget your mother. And my best friend in the universe. And me.

Still time to shop for the Holidays. .

Posted by Amoro on 12/11/2011
Tis the Season to Sparkle! Tis the Season to Celebrate! Is there anything more merry than the Amoro Tango Collection! The Tango is a passionate, mesmerizing dance: It is known as the Dance of Love. Amoro’s Tango Collection captures Love and Romance in the beautiful gemstones and forms. Made to Delight and Today Only: Save 25% off the entire Tango Collection Just in time for the Holidays . .

Amoro Bracelet Giveaway!

Posted by Amoro on 12/9/2011
Amoro is playing Santa this Holiday Season with another Giveaway! Whatever you call it: A bauble. Bling. A trinket. A treasure. It all adds up to a fabulous piece of jewelry. Jewelry is always the perfect holiday gift.

Lucy in the sky (with diamond)

Posted by Amoro on 12/8/2011
I’ll take the seat by the window. Wow! I’m surprised you usually want to sit by the aisle. I don’t want to miss one second of our trip to Paris. But once we’re up in the sky you won’t see anything. I don’t care. I’ll know we’re getting closer by the second. And then it will be dark. I’m going to gaze out all night. If you don’t fall asleep. It’s pretty hard to fall asleep in these seats with the luggage under me. Why does everything wind up under me? You’re smaller. Good excuse. I’m going to watch the movie. And I’m going to look out into the sky.

Girl gets ring! Giveaway

Posted by Amoro on 12/8/2011
Enter to win! It’s that simple! Winner to be selected at random on December 17th, 2011! And what is so very special about this Holiday giveaway at Beauty News NYC is the fact that you get to choose from two beautiful Amoro rings: a sapphire and diamond ring or an Amethyst in 14kt white gold. So now when I win which one should I pick? You’re thinking positive. That’s a good thing.

Amoro to the rescue!

Posted by Amoro on 12/6/2011
Men: we know how much you don’t like shopping. But we really don’t think it’s because you don’t like shopping but that you are afraid of shopping. Amoro Fine Jewelry makes is very easy to shop with confidence knowing you are getting the finest jewelry at pleasingly affordable rates.

Interview with Santa

Posted by Amoro on 12/2/2011
I’ll see you later. Where are you going? North Pole. Remember I told you I have an interview with Santa Claus this evening. I have to hurry; the sleigh will be here in a minute! Well Say Hi to Santa for me and tell him I’ve been a very good boy. Oh yeah and if you could mention the new guitar I want. Please put a good word in for me. I promise. Now let me get my notes and I’m out of here. That’s a sleigh and reindeer. This is for real. Did you think I was seeing a Department Store Santa? I guess not!

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