How to Care for your Engagement Ring
An engagement ring is often the most precious and treasured ring in your jewelry wardrobe. It is the ring that symbolizes dreams of eternal romance with your partner. If you simply love your engagement ring, you will definitely want it to shine and look beautiful down the years. However, passage of time and constant use can make your ring dirty and dull. Fortunately, there are ways to take care of your engagement ring so that it keeps looking like new even after years of use. Take the ring off in these situations • When taking part in adventure sports • When swimming as you can lose the ring if it slips off your finger • When applying heavy makeup and when applying body crèmes or lotions • When undertaking cleaning of house or the garden • When handling chemicals as they can damage the ring and its gemstones. Keeping your ring safe • Make a permanent place for your ring and always keep it there inside a small box so that you never forget where you have kept your ring. • Do not take your ring off in places that are unsecure such as bathrooms, kitchen sink, garden etc as there are chances that you may lose it forever. • Keep the ring alone inside a box so that it does not receive any scratches from other jewelry or sharp objects. Taking care of your ring • Avoid holding the ring in hands as oily hands can take away from the brilliance and sparkle of the gems. • Make sure to clean of your engagement ring at least once every week. You will be surprised how a few minutes of cleaning every week keeps your ring looking like new for a long time period. Softly scrubbing in warm water with a little dishwashing liquid is good for diamond and precious gem set jewelry. • Take the ring to your jeweler once every 2 years to inspect it. They will perform the necessary repairs and also make sure that your gemstones are secure in their setting. • Take off your ring whenever you plan to do work with your hands for a long time. • On a vacation, keep your ring inside the hotel safe. Get your engagement ring insured to remain free from worries of theft and loss. If you follow these simple tips, you can keep your engagement ring shining bright like new for a long, long time. You will also keep it safe and not lose it accidentally because of a slip from your finger.