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Polly want a diamond. . .

Posted by Amoro on 10/31/2011
Did I hear Polly right? Well she is a little wayward and I’m trying desperately to break her of her habit. I truly have been working so hard to deprogram her. Come on Polly repeat after me: “Polly want a diamond!” Polly want a @#$% big diamond! Polly!! Polly bad girl. It will take time and practice. Well, she almost has it. And I almost entirely agree with Polly. I want a BIG diamond! Squawk, Squawk. . . Polly want a @#$% Big diamond. Polly bad girl. Squawk . .

Amoro: Saving Breasts with Bling and hope

Posted by Amoro on 10/31/2011
A recent article in the Tolucan Times focused on the cure for breast cancer and the philosophy behind Amoro Fine Jewelry’s CEO Stephen Crane and his part to raise awareness: Everyone has known someone with breast cancer and Amoro Fine Jewelry CEO Stephen Crane is no exception. “I have had breast cancer plague family members and it probably affects everybody. It’s a personal thing for me.”

With Halloween just 3 frightful days away. . .

Posted by Amoro on 10/28/2011
These popular London attractions are a must-see, especially this time of year. London’s scariest (Boo!) attractions: http://tgr.ph/vVXU0E

At $1000 a glass I’ll take the jewels instead. . .

Posted by Amoro on 10/28/2011
$8000 for a bottle of champagne and yes, good champagne may age better than most reds and goes wonderfully with everything. And maybe I should be flattered when he told me I age like a fine champagne. But just think of all the jewels I could buy instead.

Travel Tips from Amoro + 6 Other Jewelry Designers

Posted by Amoro on 10/28/2011
Everyone has their favorite place. Their favorite food and travel tips. Amoro Fine Jewelry has an ongoing love affair with Italy. It must be the name Amoro because it sounds so much like amore. We think our love of amore (yes we do believe in love!) makes our jewelry the most romantic jewelry in the world.

Why Italy is so beguiling. Could it be the amore?

Posted by Amoro on 10/27/2011
What’s your favorite European country? See why Telegraph readers have voted Italy as their number one choice: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/destinations/europe/8850328/Telegraph-Travel-Awards-Italy-and-the-Villa-dEste.html

Wine tasting Parisian style. .

Posted by Amoro on 10/27/2011
How would you like to hit every single arrondissement in Paris in search of the perfect wine bar complete with culinary brilliance? A task we’re up to. http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/paris-travel-guide-paris-wine-bars

Payment options to help plan your holiday shopping

Posted by Amoro on 10/21/2011
Did you know that Amoro offers a variety of payment options that can help you plan ahead and ease your mind this holiday season?

Support Breast Cancer Awareness with Amoro Hope Bracelet

Posted by Amoro on 10/13/2011
Amoro Hope Pink Enamel Heart And Pearl Bracelet For Breast Cancer Awareness Amoro is donating 10% of sales of this beautiful pearl & enamel Hope Bracelet to Feel Your Boobies Foundation during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

No. 3 in a series: Women who loved pearls

Posted by Amoro on 10/10/2011
Once upon a time in the eternal city of Rome there was a little girl named Sophia that loved to play with pasta. “Mamma look at the necklace I made” Sophia that is tonight’s dinner. How many times have I told you not to play with your food. “But Mamma it is so beautiful. It looks like Signora’s fine pearls” No one could deny that Sophia had a playful imagination and a knack for drama and a love of pearls. “When I grow up I’m going to be a famous actress and star in movies and wear strands upon strands of pearls on my neck” If you don’t eat, you’ll never grow up

No. 2 in a series: Women who loved pearls. . .

Posted by Amoro on 10/5/2011
Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis was born with pearls on. At least according to her mother who by this time was going by her new name- Mrs Auchincloss. Her mother would often say: “From the day she was born- a silver spoon and a strand of pearls” Really Mother, how many times do you have to tell that story. I find it hard to believe I was born with a strand of pearls on.

Compare the Amoro value: It all makes perfect sense

Posted by Amoro on 10/3/2011
She’s always so sensible. Sensible shoes. “Well you can’t climb Mt Everest in high heels. Can you? She eats a sensible diet. “I never skip breakfast” Fav movie? “Sense and Sensibility, silly” She only shops online. “I save gas. I save time. And money. And I always get Free Shipping” She’s just plain sensible. “But you make it sound so. . so. . . ” Sensational! Sensible is the new sensational. Doesn’t it all make perfect sense. And by the way did I tell you that you look sensational. “Thanks, I guess you are being pretty sensible”

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