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How to Manage Wedding Stress

Posted by Amoro on 8/12/2015
A wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, but many fail to mention the stress that can happen in the run up to the day. There is so much to think about and plan ahead for. It’s time to handle the wedding stress in the run-up to your day, and here are three tips to do that.

Thank You Note Etiquette, 3 Essential Tips To Follow

Posted by Amoro on 7/21/2015
Wedding gift giving is customary to honor and celebrate the commitment of a marriage. The bride and groom should show their appreciation by writing a thank you note.

How to Care for your Engagement Ring

Posted by Amoro on 6/30/2015
An engagement ring is often the most precious and treasured ring in your jewelry wardrobe. It is the ring that symbolizes dreams of eternal romance with your partner. If you simply love your engagement ring, you will definitely want it to shine and look beautiful down the years.

Jewelry Insurance – Yes or No?

Posted by Amoro on 6/18/2015
Jewelry items can be pretty expensive and keeping them at home without insuring them may prove to be a costly mistake. When you have invested a heavy amount in buying a piece of jewelry, you also need to protect your investment.

Date Your Mate Month

Posted by Amoro on 5/12/2015
What do you get when you combine the Italian words for love (amore) and gold (oro)? Amoro! More than just being another jewelry company who offers pieces for special occasions, Amoro seeks to be your jeweler for a lifetime filled with love, pride and abundant celebration. Speaking of celebration, the month of May is ‘National Date Your Mate’ month and the perfect time to express your love to the special person in your life.

Appreciating Mom for Mother's Day

Posted by Amoro on 5/3/2015
Mother’s Day, May 10, 2015 is just days away, and none of us would be who we are without our mothers, literally and figuratively. No other holiday garners as much attention for someone we cherish so deeply than Mother’s Day. This year, to say thank you to the mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend who has mothered you or played a special role in your life, we are pleased to offer our Amoro gift collection with 15% off.

National Lover's Day

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 4/23/2015
If Paris is the place for lovers, than April 23rd is the day for lovers. Celebrate Lover’s Day this April 23rd by surprising your lover with something that shines and sparkles.

Spring has sprung – great time for a wedding

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 4/3/2015
After a long, cold winter, spring has sprung and the longer days of sunlight, the chirping of birds, and the flowers in bloom mean it’s the perfect time of year for a wedding.

National Proposal Day

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 3/20/2015
March 20th is National Proposal Day! Amoro Fine Jewelry offers over 20 settings and rings for you to choose from.

March 13th Jewel Day

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 3/13/2015
March 13th is National Jewel Day, and in honor of the brilliance of the day, Amoro is proud to offer exclusive jewelry customization services.

2015 Jewelry Trends

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 3/2/2015
As the most vital and versatile portion of any wardrobe, jewelry plays an important role in an overall look. That is why just as the clothing trends change, so too do the trends of jewelry pieces. This year, the Spring 2015 line is intentionally designed to inspire travel and adventure, with pieces that cast a call to all things aquatic.

Spring Season: Fresh Start For Love and Engagement

Posted by Amoro on 2/19/2015
Spring time provides the perfect analogy of a renewed love. No matter where you are in a relationship, when both people rediscover the beginning, just like spring, it is beautiful. For some, spring is the starting point of taking their relationship to the next level.

2015 Bridal Trends

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 2/12/2015
What’s more exciting than planning your wedding? Why, choosing the design for your engagement ring, of course. This year, engagement ring trends have not failed to disappoint, as jewelry designers have made available timeless rings that will not only look beautiful forever, but that are designed with bride in mind. Two of this year’s hottest wedding ring trends include a change in direction and an ode to mother nature.

Springtime Diamond Jewelry to Celebrate Groundhog Day

Posted by Amoro on 2/2/2015
Begin Spring with the new Diamond Collection from Amoro. It is a surefire way to give warmth to you no matter what kind of weather Groundhog Day brings.

2015 Pantone Color of the Year – Marsala

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 1/29/2015
Marsala, as elegant and classy as the wine is the rich, earthy tone that has been named the Pantone 2015 color of the year. Inspired by the richness of the retro area, Marsala is a strong and beautiful base to build your collection around. For jewelry lovers, the Marsala choice, and its complimentary colors, means rich, elegant, and classy jewelry options.

Garnet Jewelry As The Perfect Gift For The Loyal Friend

Posted by Amoro on 1/28/2015
Garnet signifies trust and eternal friendship, two of the rarest finds in the world today. Jewelry made with garnet is indeed the perfect gifts to give to your most loyal and trusted friends.

Early Shopping for Your Valentines Day Date

Posted by Amoro on 1/14/2015
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Let Amoro help you find the perfect gift that would surely make Valentines Day 2015 memorable.

Special Jewelry For A Special Love

Posted by Amoro on 1/6/2015
Another new year is here. If your resolutions include everlasting love, every man should know that their special woman loves special jewelry.

Tips for Buying Jewlery

Posted by Amoro on 12/22/2014
Picking out jewelry for a gift can sometimes be tough, especially when it is for someone you love.

Jewelry for a Significant Other

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 12/17/2014
Making a jewelry selection decision can sometimes be tough, especially when the jewelry is for someone you love, and not for yourself. When it comes to purchasing jewelry for a significant other, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you choose a piece they’ll love.

Early Holiday Shopping

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 12/11/2014
Every year, without fail, we know the season is approaching, but many of us still wait until the last minute to get our holiday shopping done. We understand how important your time is, so we’ve put together some tips to help you get the ball rolling early this year and to save yourself some last-minute stress.

10 Staple Jewelry Pieces

Posted by Amoro on 12/3/2014
No clothing wardrobe is complete without a few staple pieces; the same holds true for a jewelry collection. Every woman knows the importance of having quality jewelry pieces that perfectly compliment any outfit. Here are 10 staple pieces every woman should own.

Winter Fashion Trends

Posted by Amoro on 11/7/2014
Suit up in trend with appropriate fashionable wears this winter.

Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 11/7/2014
Your wedding ring is the most valued and special piece of jewelry you'll ever wear. Wedding band engraving is a great way to take your husband or wife to-be's wedding band personal.

Halloween - There's a kid inside all of us

Posted by Amoro Jewelry on 10/29/2014
Halloween is around the corner. Let’s give our kids memorable moments. Let’s not forget that this is also our time to have fun as well. And fun for us is to see our family enjoying the holiday.

 How to Manage Wedding Stress
 Thank You Note Etiquette, 3 Essential Tips To Follow
 How to Care for your Engagement Ring
 Jewelry Insurance – Yes or No?
 Date Your Mate Month
 Appreciating Mom for Mother's Day
 National Lover's Day
 Spring has sprung – great time for a wedding
 National Proposal Day
 March 13th Jewel Day

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