Amoro’s gemstone education

Bold and beautiful, gemstones are minerals that have been revered for their stunning and elegant look throughout history. Those classified as precious gems are diamond, ruby, sapphire, and emerald, with all others being defined as semi-precious. Naturally formed in the Earth, gemstones vary greatly in color, size, and value.

Diamond Education Diamond Education

Choosing a diamond can be confusing, overwhelming and even intimidating. Learn the Four Cs of diamond grading and how to make the best choice with confidence.

Emerald Education Emerald Education

Learn more about this alluring gem that has adorned the crowns of royals and embellished the thrones of some of the most respected dynasties in history.

Sapphire Education Sapphire Education

Sapphires are said to symbolize loyalty and are known to have powerful and transformative energy helping the wearer to connect to the universe.

Ruby Education Ruby Education

Eternally associated with passion, matched in hardness by sapphires, this gemstone has a worldwide popularity.

Pearl Education Cultured Pearl Education

Amoro offers a variety of cultured Cultured Pearls including Freshwater, Akoya, South Sea and Tahitian.

Gemstone Shapes & Cuts Gemstone Cuts and Shapes

Explore the many facets and shapes of your favorite gemstones, from classic Emerald cuts to unique Heart or Trilliant contours.

Anniversary Gemstones Anniversary Gemstones

Celebrate your wedding anniversary with Amoro fine jewelry or jewelry featuring her birthstone.

Birthstones Birthstones

Celebrate your birthday with Amoro fine jewelry featuring your birthstone.