A professional jewelry appraisal will provie the value or monetary worth of your piece. The appraisal will determine the approximate value based on current market data and retail prices. The appraisal report will list all materials used in the design of the jewelry including the weight of carats used in pieces containing diamonds and the size in millimeters for gemstones. Whenever possible, the description will also include the the cut, color, and clarity of the piece.

Your insurance agency can use the appraisal for the replacement value of your piece if the item is ever lost, damaged, or stolen. The appraisal will provide as much detail and information as possible to increase your chances of receiving a replacement that is equal to or the same as the original item. The appraisal showing the total value can also help your insurance agent determine the rate of coverage for your fine jewelry or diamond pieces.

Diamond Certification Diamond Certification

Diamonds of a carat and a half or more come with a diamond cert.

Amoro Certificates of Authenticity Amoro Certificates of Authenticity

All gemset jewelry comes with an Amoro Certificate of Authenticity.