Learn why when choosing a diamond 'Less is More.'

  • Outstandingly the most appreciated quality of a diamond is its flashes of brilliance and sparkle.
  • A Diamond's Sparkle is optimized only in the finest Ideal Cut stones with perfectly aligned facets that maximize reflected light.
  • It's difficult to tell the difference from one diamond color or clarity grade to the next but these hardly noticeable factors can seriously increase the Diamond's price.
  • Amoro believes that an Ideal Cut diamond, close to colorless and with inclusions that are virtually unnoticeable to the eye gives the most beauty for money.
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Ideal Cut, H color and VS2 clarity = The most beauty for money.

Do your own research and compare Eternitymark® to other famous name diamond brands to see how you can save up to 35% and more on comparable diamond jewelry.

Navigating the 4 C's ...

Choosing an important diamond can sometimes be difficult and confusing.

If money is no object then go for the very best available, but if you are seeking the most beauty for money in your diamond consider an Eternitymark® diamond exclusively available from Amoro.com.

Based on a lifetime of choosing diamonds and diamond jewelry with the most beauty for money Amoro diamond buyers recommend Eternitymark diamonds with the very best cut, that are near colorless with tiny, hardly visible inclusions.


Ideal Cut, H color and VS2 clarity = The most beauty for money.

Amoro's Eternitymark® diamond jewelry is responsibly sourced, exclusive and superbly crafted yet pleasingly affordable.

Eternitymark diamonds are independently certified and comparable to famous name brand stones however Eternitymark totally focuses on diamonds that give you the most beauty for money.

Amoro Eternitymark Diamond Diamonds

An Independent Gemological Laboratory Certification comes with every stone.

Amoro Eternitymark Diamond

The debate over what constitutes an ideal cut diamond has been underway for generations. Amoro believes that debate ends right here – with our magnificent Eternitymark® Diamond - painstakingly selected to offer you maximum beauty for your money. In their search for these ideal stones that literally seem able to create their own light, our expert gemologists look far beyond the familiar Four C’s of Diamond grading. Relying on lifetimes of experience and refinement, they find the standouts that offer not only optimal cut, color and clarity but also meet or exceed industry standards for Triple Ideal Light Performance (Brightness, Fire, and Scintillation). In other words, Ideally Cut stones on par with the best in the world.

Eternitymark Diamonds 4 C's Specifications:

Cut: Ideal Round Brilliant or Princess CutColor: G & HClaririty: VS2 +Carat: 1/2 - 1 1/2ct
Fair | Good | Very Good | Ideal CutJ | I | H | G | F | E | DSI2 | SI1 | VS2 | VS1 | VVS2 | VVS1 | IF

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