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Learn How to Tie The Amoro Bow in 8 Easy Steps

Step 1

Leaving at least a box's length of ribbon at the bottom of the box, place the ribbon at the center of the top of the box and hold with your thumb. Like this:


Step 2

Wrap the ribbon once around the box. Place the second piece of ribbon under your thumb as well:

Step 3

Fold the ribbon over your thumb to go around the box at a 45 degree angle:


Step 4

Keep going until you go around once:

Step 5

Tuck the ribbon under and back across the ribbon you were holding with your thumb. (You're basically making a U-shaped hook.) If the ribbon looks like this you're almost done:


Step 6

Now center and tighten the ribbon:

Step 7

Now, just like you learned in elementary school, you make a loop with the uppermost piece of ribbon to your right, and then wrap the other piece around and push through to make a bow:


Step 8

Now center and tighten the ribbon again. You have perfectly executed The Amoro Bow: