You can’t go wrong when giving or purchasing a diamond, but what if you could give a customized, beautiful string of them? We have made that possible; we proudly offer our customers the opportunity to add an even more personal touch to their fine jewelry purchase. We have taken the intimidation factor out of the jewelry shopping process and given customers a hands-on experience while customizing their own pieces. Our customization tool allows you to build your very own, beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. From choosing the right setting for you or your loved one, to the ideal precious metal to match their taste. The three-step price for online purchasing will allow you to choose each feature, and create a bracelet that you can afford and that she will love. As an extremely versatile piece, a diamond bracelet can jazz up a casual Saturday night out outfit, or serve as a complimentary piece with an elegant ball gown or an extraordinary wedding dress. In fact, the term ‘tennis bracelet’ came to be because women’s tennis great, Chris Evert wore hers during a 1987 U.S. Open match. Her bracelet came off during play and the match was called to a halt so she could retrieve the costly piece, and so the name tennis bracelet was born. Fortunately for you, Amoro Fine Jewelry has taken every precaution to ensure that won’t be the case of anyone wearing one of our custom-built bracelets. Every bracelet is finished with our highly secure clasp. Our Amoro diamond bracelet is classic and timeless, a classy piece whose shine, brilliance, clarity, and look cannot be beat. We invite you to custom design your own bracelet and celebrate yourself or someone special to you; the thought and time you place into designing your bracelet will make it all the more special. Ace your next gift with a custom made diamond tennis bracelet from Amoro, where love and gold meet.