“When will you be home?” Around 6, I’m off to see June Cleaver- wife of Ward and mother to Wally and Theodore (affectionately known as The Beaver). The quinessential 1950′s sitcom mom. “Maybe some of her perfection will rub off on you” Very funny dear. Oh there’s June now! Hi June. June raises her white gloved hand and greets me. Sorry I’m late but I was so busy icing the cake I baked this morning that I lost track of time. June, how do you do it? Your hair is always perfectly coiffed. Never a hair out of place. You cook the most wonderful dinners every night. I burn spaghetti! And you never raise your voice. I’m forever yelling at the kids. My house looks like a tornado went through it and you’re house is perfect! Don’t be silly! Just last night I was so tired I didn’t put the dishes away before going to bed. I thought I misplaced my pearls but silly me I was wearing them. I never take them off. Which leads me to her beloved strand of pearls. I often wondered if June ever took them off. One day when I was visiting, I came across her diary and couldn’t help but peek inside. In her diary June wrote: “Dear Diary: Pearls are the one thing I never take off Yesterday while I was busy vacuuming Ward unexpectedly came home at lunch time. I was quite surprised and scurried off to the kitchen to make him a nice lunch. Ward was in one of his frisky moods and said: “June you’re vacuuming in pearls. You know what that does to me!” Well Dear Diary I must admit Ward didn’t eat lunch yesterday. I did feel terrible that he had to go back to work without lunch. But those pearls are such an enchantress. I promised to cook his favorite pot roast tonight” Now I must say I understand the mystique of June’s pearls and how perfectly naughty June was . Here’s to June Cleaver and the timeless elegance and naughtiness of pearls.