Every time you purchase Amoro fine jewelry, you will receive a printable Certificate of Authenticity (COA) along with your sales receipt. But what exactly is a COA and what does it really mean for you as a buyer? The COA is an important document that not only attests to the authenticity of the gemstones and precious metals used in the product, but also helps establish a traceable history for the item in question. This is particularly critical in the case of diamonds, where uncertain provenance could have a negative impact on value or salability down the road. As a buyer, a COA also allows you to be confident that you are purchasing 100% genuine products instead of synthetics, knockoffs, or fakes. This peace of mind is especially welcome when engaging in online transactions involving diamond wedding rings, tennis bracelets, cultured pearls, and similarly expensive fine jewelry that you cannot inspect in person before buying. What kind of information is found on a COA? At Amoro, we typically include the following: • Photo of product • Detailed description of the item, including notes about the features, setting design, and type of gemstone cut (where applicable) • Retail price of the piece • Signatures of a GIA-certified gemologist and an Amoro representative Although a COA is not the same as an appraisal and therefore cannot be used for insurance purposes, it is nevertheless a vital document that confers the advantages discussed above. So when purchasing fine jewelry, either from a physical store or an online entity, do yourself a favor and make sure a COA is part of the transaction.