Picking out jewelry for a gift can sometimes be tough, especially when it is for someone you love. You want to make it just right.  You also don't want to blow your budget.  When purchasing jewelry for a significant other, here are a few things to keep in mind that will help you choose a piece that is sure to satisfy.

jewelry as a gift

Know Your Recipient

It may sound too obvious but before you begin your jewelry-buying quest, take a look at their current jewelry and personal style. Does the recipient wear pieces that are classic, modern, simple, or do they seem to like vintage pieces, or not a lot of jewelry at all? Knowing what they typically wear will give you a good indication of what they will like.

Make It Personal.

Any piece of jewelry is automatically elevated for its significance when it is personalized. Engraving the inside of a ring is the perfect place for a message that's special to you and your significant other. A special anniversary date, a song lyric, or just a message from the heart.  You can't go wrong when you personalize.

Choosing Colors

Stones and settings are available in a number of varying colored gems and metals. Choose a color that you know your significant other will love or find out what their birthstone is for a safe bet.