For centuries the engagement ring has been a symbol of eternity with its circular, never-ending design. In Roman times, it was a simple ring of iron that evolved into a plain Gold band. Diamonds were added much later after their discovery in India around 800 B.C. These precious stones were very coveted due to their rarity, beauty and hardness. In fact, the word Diamond comes from the Greek word “adamas” which means unconquerable. Obviously a perfect representation of what marriage should be. Around the 15th century, girls everywhere started to add the sparkly gemstone to their engagement rings. It wasn’t until 1886; a famous premium jeweler introduced the six-prong solitaire Diamond engagement ring that we know today. But as the 20th century moved into the 21st, the engagement ring has evolved into so much more. Here are several upcoming engagement ring trends for 2011: • Classic Solitaire – Not really a trends since this one never goes out of style. Whether it’s a single Diamond or with additional stones set in Yellow Gold, White Gold or Platinum, you can’t go wrong with this one. • Stacked Rings - This is a very fashion forward look that can be used with or without a Diamond solitaire. Created by combining eternity bands or other thin bands of Diamonds and other gemstones. This trend is a lot of fun and allows her to change her look depending on her mood! • Colored Gemstones – The Diamond doesn’t own the market on engagement rings anymore. Gorgeous colored gemstones such as Sapphires and Emeraldshave become very trendy as of late, as well as a variety of other stones. These gemstones are used as the center stone or as an accent. With a multitude of options for engagement rings now, there is sure to be a style for every type of girl. So if you are looking for that ideal ring for your future Mrs., Amoro has these great new trends, as well as the classics, at an affordable price! Amoro also offers a unique romantic touch to their jewelry such as the exclusive Diamond “Kiss” and their heart shaped prongs available on some styles. Right now Amoro is offering Free Shipping with any jewelry purchase. No more waiting; the time for love is now!