Each New Year gives you the opportunity for a fresh start. It’s a time to embrace change and welcome surprise, a time to take chances that you might ordinarily pass up and to make decisions that could potentially alter the course of your life. It’s also a time when many couples choose to raise their relationship to the next level by getting engaged. If an engagement is on your horizon, congratulations! It’s the first step in what we hope will be a lifelong journey of love, romance, and companionship. But before you rush out to buy a gorgeous contemporary engagement ring or update your relationship status on Facebook, here are a few things to consider first. • Financial health: Are both of you financially stable enough to get engaged right now? Is there enough wiggle room in your budget to allow you to start saving for the kind of wedding you desire? This is certainly not the most romantic aspect of a pending engagement, but it’s a topic that must be addressed. • Approximate date: After offering their congratulations and admiring the ring, the first question your friends and family will ask after hearing your news is, “Have you set a date yet?” Having an approximate date (or month or season) in mind will not only help satisfy everyone’s curiosity, but also keep you on track during the planning stages. • Ring budget: The rule of thumb is to spend the equivalent of two months’ salary on the engagement ring, but of course that’s merely a general guideline. If you can afford something more extravagant, like one of our stunning Diamond Halo engagement rings, then go for it. Similarly, it’s okay to choose a simpler ring if money is tight. To help celebrate all of our customers’ current or upcoming engagements, Amoro.com is holding a special sweepstakes. From now until February 28, you can enter to win a $500 voucher toward any Eternitymark engagement ring we sell, including halo, solitaire, and center stone designs. See our website or Facebook page for official rules and entry details. The New Year is still young and filled with possibilities. If you’re thinking about getting engaged in 2013, be sure to discuss the above topics with each other before announcing the news to everyone in your circle so you can enjoy the blissful event to the fullest.