Ever dramatic, shopping for her engagement ring was no exception “I don’t know if I’ll ever find the perfect ring. But when I do- you will know” I was quite stricken by that last remark but knowing Cecelia I knew drama. That is one of the things I loved about her. She made life exciting but decision making terribly trying. This was no exception. And then it all happened so quickly but I’ll try to give you the details as best I can recollect. . Our salesperson asked: Which one do you like more? His patience was quite commendable. He had been on an online chat with Cecilia with a good portion of the evening. He had shown her beautiful engagement rings. Each more beautiful than the last. Then I swear I heard the sound of a galloping horse. I’m sure it was her heart racing and she yelled out: ”A hearty hi-ho silver” She had found the one! And I’m quite sure she means she prefers the 18kt white gold Few can resist the tasteful elegance and charm of an Amoro Diamond Ring ‘Tis the season. Holidays are a perfect time for surprises. Big surprises. (And lots of romance) Click here for sparkly surprises