I can’t see in. What are you trying to see? Bob’s in the How to Tie the Amoro Bow in 8 Easy Step’s Class and I want to see how he’s doing. You’re taller why don’t you try to look inside. I see him. His hands are all tied in ribbon. He’s trying to get his hands apart. Oh no! He’s looking pretty upset. The teacher just came up to him and unraveled his hands. Mike’s laughing. I didn’t know Mike was there too. Mike’s not laughing anymore. He just got all tangled. I wanted Bob to help me wrap gifts. I thought the class would help motivate him. He’s always admired the Amoro bow. I must admit I’m glad he didn’t learn how to tie the bow because now he’ll have to order all the presents online from Amoro. Free luxury gift packaging, Free shipping, Duty Free Savings, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. And I can’t forget the Godiva Truffles. Godiva Truffles! Plus the jewelry is gorgeous. Bob loves to celebrate special occasions with me and now Amoro will be joining us. When I see that little red box it will be pretty hard to contain my excitement but I must remember it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Shop Amoro’s Eternity Cut Diamonds because Diamonds are Forever