In French in the sweetest of little voices they said: Nous raconteur one histoire Do tell us a story grandmama. Well, all right children but I hope you don’t have nightmares. Your mother will never forgive me. I really shouldn’t . . . it’s so late. Please. Please. PLEASE!!. Are you ready? Yes! It was a cold and rainy morning. The wind was howling. Oooh! The sun hadn’t come up yet. I heard voices- hundreds of voices as I arrived at the store. Were you scared? Terrified! I wanted those diamond earrings more than you could ever know. I was determined. And what happened? I waited and waited. Totally wet and hungry. And then? Voila! I got inside the store. I felt jubilant as I approached the counter. But just as I arrived at the counter the salesgirl yelled out- NO MORE LEFT. You’ll have to come back tomorrow. Did you? I did. And. . I never got the diamond earrings. Oh Grandmama that is such a scary story. But there is a happy ending children. I have discovered Amoro Fine Jewelry and now I do all my shopping online. Look at my earrings? Can I try them on? They are beautiful and came from Amoro. Grandpapa shops there. He does? Yes and you may tell him Grandmama loves the diamond ring she saw online today. We shall But will he know which one? Let me show you children. Online shopping is so much fun and not at all scary. Now time for bed. Faites de beaux rêves. Good night and sparkly dreams. While sugarplums danced in their heads. . . And we’ll sweeten your Amoro purchase with a Complimentary Box of Godiva Truffles