The approach of spring is always a colorful occasion, not only for nature but for our wardrobes and fine jewelry accessories as well. This is the time of year to start wearing the latest designs and styles in the latest colors—many of which are directly influenced by the annual Pantone Color Report. The 2013 Pantone Color Report names Emerald as the Color of the Year, and lists a number of complementary shades to round out the palette, including African Violet, Dark Blue, Monaco Blue, Lemon Zest, and Grayed Jade. If you want to show that you’re keeping up with fashion trends, then wearing these colors is a must. An affordable way to do this is to accessorize with semiprecious stones. Many semiprecious stones match well with the colors in the new Pantone report, allowing you to remain up to date without spending a lot of money. At, we’ve combed through our semiprecious jewelry inventory to come up with the following product recommendations featuring the year’s hottest colors: • African Violet: 1.81 carat 14kt White Gold Amethyst and Diamond Earrings • Dark Blue: 3.55 carat 14kt White Gold Blue Topaz and Diamond Necklace • Monaco Blue: 0.88 carat 18kt White Gold Stackable Diamond and Sapphire Ring (set of 3) • Lemon Zest: 7 carat 14kt Yellow Gold Citrine Ring • Grayed Jade: 10.80 carat 14kt White Gold Praseolite Necklace This is just a small sampling of the many lovely semiprecious stone designs we carry that will help you display your fashion sense to the world. Visit today to see which of our other fine jewelry products match the Pantone Color Report and to select your favorites for the remainder of 2013.