I can see Venice twinkling in the distance. “We’ll be there in the morning” If you listen really carefully you can hear music. Listen. . ”Nothing like an Italian love song. Everything sounds so much more romantic in Italian” Can you believe it’s September already? Where did the summer go? “It went out to sea with us on our way to Venice” It’s making September very special. I’m going to make a wish. I’ve never made a wish off the coast of Venice. “What are you wishing for?” I can’t tell you. . yet. I thought the sea would be almost black but it’s a deep blue. The color of sapphires. And the stars are making the sea sparkle. Like diamonds. “You have a way of making the conversation very extravagant” What else can you call the sea but sapphire? “I could call it blue, dark blue” But that wouldn’t sound as spectacular. Sapphire. ”I guess not” Did you know Sapphire is the official birthstone for the month of September? You don’t have to be born in September to get them. “Oh?” Of course not silly. I would love a sapphire to remember this moment in time. “Oh you would. Would you. Come over here” We have to remember this moment off the coast of Venice. “I’ll take a photo, then when we look at it we’ll be transported to this day at this spot forever” You are a romantic. “You’re my inspiration. Move that mop of hair off your face and smile. You are captured forever” And with that he brushed her hair behind her ears and slipped a sapphire necklace around her neck. “I heard your wish” But I didn’t say it aloud. Did you read my mind? “I must have. Happy September with Amoro” Sapphires make any celebration special. Celebrate often with Amoro.