It is the most sensible word in the English language. And what may I ask is it? Shop! Sensible? Of course if you’re a good shopper and know where to get the best value on sensational things. And you know? Of course I do. I’m a sensational shopper. A world class shopper. A shopper extraordinaire! I guess you are. If anyone knows the best place to get the best. It’s you! I’m glad you agree. So I’m sure you won’t mind shopping online with me. Online sounds practical. You know I hate to go to the mall. Yes I remember the last time at the mall. You didn’t behave very well. Actually you were terrible. You know I hate to shop. I had to bribe you with a nice dinner. I did deserve it. No you didn’t. You were acting very badly. And you knew what a good time I was having. YOU were having a good time. Well this time we are shopping online for sensational. And what is sensational? Amoro. Sensational Fine Jewelry. Sensibly Priced. Very sensible. So, will you take me out to dinner?