It’s that time of year again! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and with it being one of the most romantic days of the year; many choose it as the day to “pop the question”. So here at Amoro, we couldn’t resist sharing some great ideas on how to create that perfect wedding proposal. No matter what, your day is going to be memorable, but if you’re having a hard timing deciding on what to do, maybe these truly sweet and romantic proposal ideas will help: • Create A Book – You don’t have to write a novel, just a small book with a short story or sayings you both like. If writing isn’t your thing, make a picture book with photos of the two of you, places you’ve been together or would like to go to. On the last page of the book you could write “Will You Marry Me?” While she is reading and rereading the big question, you’ll have time to get that Diamond engagement ring ready. Surprise! Plus you’ll have a wonderful keepsake from that special moment forever! • Have A Picnic – You may want to have a friend help with this one. Pick a place where you enjoy hanging out like the beach or a park. Set up a beautiful spread of fruit, cheese and wine along with some mood lighting. Suggest an impromptu stroll so you can “accidentally” stumble across this dreamy scene. Once she catches on, she’ll be thrilled at the forethought and effort on your part. She will just have to say yes! • Book A Room – Take your girlfriend for a drink at a local stylish hotel. After your drinks, casually mention that you booked a room for the night and have it set up with candles, strawberries, champagne and of course the engagement ring. When you open the door, you can literally sweep her off her feet! Remember this will be the story you tell friends and family for the rest of your lives. Make sure what really stands out about this moment is that it reflects who the two of you are! That’s what makes a wedding proposal truly romantic. Now that you’ve heard some of our wedding proposal ideas, we invite you to share your favorites. We would love to hear from you!