She completes you as a person and she is a partner that you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with. Her smile, big heart and the way she looks at you, leaves you feeling like the luckiest man alive to have such a wonderful person enter your life. Have you been asking yourself when is the right time to make it official in the eyes of marriage with an engagement ring? Are you thinking that this Valentine’s Day is the day you romance her heart? You might feel that she deserves the most romantic and breath-taking wedding proposal, because she is that very special person that you want to spend your future with. You’ve decided that this year is the time to put your heart out there and ask for her hand in marriage. Where do you start or what kind of ring you should you present as you get down on one knee to ask her one of the most important questions of her life? Here are a few tips and suggestions from the experts at, who has been celebrating couples’ intimate and memorable events for many years. • Know her style: Have a good idea of what kind of engagement ring she would proudly wear and show off. Our Jewelry experts recommends an Amoro exclusive engagement ring, featuring an EternityMark diamond, with a center stone weighing from ½ carat or larger- top of the line, great value diamonds, giving the sparkle every woman desires • Be original in your proposals. Do not be a copycat with other couples and trends; create something that will be unique, one of a kind and breathtaking. Stay away from being too cliché and predictable. We all know the typical stories of how he hid it in a box of chocolates, flowers or at a fancy restaurant. • Make the moment mean something. Use your creativity and find a way to make the big moment connect with her. Consider her interests, hobbies and goals, and tie that into your plans. • Be prepared to say something. Tell her how you feel in your own words and if you want to take it a step further and make it a memory to last forever. Write down what you are planning to say and add some creative touches, then give it to her after she says yes. Now she will always have something to look back on. • Use the element of surprise. Women often say they are not a fan of surprises, but when it comes down to slipping that special ring on her left hand. The surprise will be well worth it. • Catch it on camera. What woman doesn’t want to look back and see the magical moment? You will also score extra points with her family, if they are able to witness the heart-throb moment on video. Whichever approach you decide to take this Valentine’s Day, Amoro has a large selection of Diamond rings that will suit any budget you may have. With collections from EternityMark, Pristine hearts, Forever Together or the Quattor, has you covered with the finest jewelry to meet your needs. With Amoro we are here to help you embrace the present.