Jewelry can mean so many things in our lives, but the most common reason we give and wear jewelry is due to romance and love. Jewelry has the ability to affect our mood and stir our emotions. Romantic jewelry may be consider romantic because of who gave it to us, why we wear a particular piece and the actual design of it. All types of jewelry can be considered romantic and I have put together my Top 5 Romantic Jewelry Trends for 2011 especially for you. • Heart Jewelry – A timeless symbol of love, the heart is used on every type of jewelry from rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Whether they are Diamond encrusted or plain Gold, the feeling they bring to those who wear them is always one of love. • Diamond Jewelry – Another consistently given gemstone to lovers, usually as an engagement ring first, then for special occasions including anniversaries. You can never go wrong with a Diamond! • Bangle Bracelets – That’s right. A really big romantic trend for 2011 are the bangle bracelets and these can be worn for dressing up or dressing down. They are delicate and look beautiful alone or you can stack them for extra impact. • Pearl Jewelry – Not just for weddings anymore. There are gorgeous pearls in lots of varieties and colors that will make any lucky lady smile. They can be used alone in a piece or combined with metals or gemstones. The results are modern and fashionable. • Gemstones – Everyone has their favorite whether it’s their birthstone or a particular color they enjoy wearing. A solitaire pendant or oversized gemstone rings are the way to go this year. Caring enough about someone to know what’s special to them is very romantic. It will make her feel extra special. Yes, there’s a lot of pressure for a single piece of jewelry to be able to deliver the message you want to convey. Don’t let that scare you. Pay attention to what your love likes to wear and build on that. Hopefully these trends I have listed will help you in your search for the perfect romantic jewelry gift. Make Her Feel Special! Always remember, the jewelry will help you express your love and commitment to your special someone, but what really matters is the meaning behind it. This is what she’ll carry with her always.