June is the most popular month for weddings, which of course means it is also a time for celebrating anniversaries. Whether you prefer a quiet evening at home or an upscale dining experience that ends with a beautiful 10 year anniversary ring hidden in the dessert, here are some romantic celebration ideas for couples. Recreate your first date What better way to commemorate your time together than by going back to where it all began? Grabbing dinner at that tiny Italian restaurant or catching a movie at the same old theater is sure to cause a flood of nostalgia while also showing how far you’ve come over the years. Gifts by the numbers Although milestone celebrations deserve special presents like wedding anniversary rings, a fun way to observe non-milestone occasions is to match the gift to the number of years you’ve been together. For example, a three-day getaway for your 3rd anniversary or a seven-course gourmet meal for your 7th anniversary can make those events more memorable. Watch your wedding video Most couples watch their wedding video after returning from the honeymoon – and then never pull the DVD out again. For those of you that prefer spending the evening at home, reliving the best moments of your wedding is the perfect way to pass the time. To heighten the romance factor, cook and serve the same items that were on your wedding menu as you watch the video. Other romantic ideas include going for a hot air balloon ride, making a scrapbook of relationship mementos, or just “unplugging” for the day so you can focus all your attention on each other. No matter how you choose to celebrate your special day, Amoro.com wants to be a part of it. Shop our wide selection of wedding anniversary rings and other jewelry gifts now to help make the event as romantic as possible.