When you make a big investment like a piece of fine jewelry, you want to make sure to treat it with care. This means keeping it in a safe place, fixing it properly if it gets damaged and of course replacing it with something of at least equal value if it gets lost or stolen. Place any valuable jewelry that isn’t being used in a jewelry box or protective case of some sort. Any kind or organizer or even jewelry armoire will help defend your jewelry from getting damaged. Armoires are great for storing necklaces and bracelets so they don’t get tossed around or tangled up. Rings and earrings can be stored in the drawers for safe keeping as well. This is also a great way to stay organized so you can easily see what you have when the need arises. Another way to protect your fine jewelry is to use hidden organizers that may make it harder for theft to occur. One option is to use a closet jewelry organizer to protect your jewels. There is the type that hangs on a regular clothes hanger and can be hidden between your clothing. Another is the plain variety that doesn’t call attention to itself and is easily camouflaged among your other possessions. Thieves are looking for easy opportunity, so if you take the time to hide away your valuable jewelry, it makes them a less likely target. Finally, most of us protect our big investments and purchases with insurance policies. So, it only makes since to protect your jewelry investment the same way. Most home owner’s policies will cover your stolen or lost jewelry but they must be added to your policy by you. Your insurance agent will help you through this process. Most insurance companies do not want to pay out claims so make sure you have proof of your jewelry purchases and their values. Take pictures of your jewelry and store it in a safe location along with any documentation for each piece including receipts or appraisals. This part is extremely important if you ever need to place a claim. So, if you want to assure that your jewelry investments are protected, try using these easy to follow guidelines. Here at Amoro, we understand how important your fine jewelry is and we want you to experience a lifetime of pleasure with every piece you purchase.