Amoro, a wedding jeweler within the Bahamas, is out to change how lovers shop for their wedding jewelry. Your personal wedding band is likely to be one of the most cherished treasures in your jewelry wardrobe, so take a moment to create your perfect band to delight today and forever. Choose your favorite style, precious metals and gemstones, and let Amoro craft the most perfect wedding band to your exact, personal specifications and budget. The new, online jewelry builder allows customers to create their jewelry pieces to their exact liking. Stephen Crane, Amoro founder, comments, “Allowing customers to preview their jewelry before making an investment in it gives our clients a peace of mind.” Wedding Band Excellence • Once you have designed your perfect wedding ring, Amoro guarantees to: • Use only 100% ecologically and socially responsible sourced precious metals and gems. • Craft each ring from solid precious metal, rather than by casting, to guarantee the finest finish and durability. • Craft your ring in your exact finger size for added comfort and safety. • Select the most perfectly matched, superior quality gemstones. • Perfectly set each gemstone to the highest standard of setting excellence. • Engrave your personal message in every band where space permits. Mr. Crane comments, “Wedding bands are meant to last a lifetime. They should be perfect. We prefer to go one step further and allow customers to make price perfect too.” Amoro’s new builder allows customers to choose the wedding band style of their dreams. If you have a budget, don’t sacrifice your design preference, but explore how you can find your perfect band in your price by: • Choosing from 14Kt or 18Kt Gold or Platinum in Gem Set styles – plus 10Kt Gold, Gold over Silver (In Untion) and Palladium in Metal Bands. • Multiple weights and grades of diamonds • How many diamonds – by choosing from full, 1/2, or 3/4 Eternity band versions. If price is no object, then you can have it crafted as large as you’d like in the highest quality of metals and diamonds. Love your own design and love the peace of mind of knowing it was crafted from 100% ecologically and socially responsible sourced precious metals and gems. Your personal band comes with a certificate that guarantees that it was crafted fro you from 100% certified, recycled and responsibly sourced precious metals. Additionally, Amoro uses 100% Certified, responsibly sourced gemstones that respect human rights. Designer jewelry is now affordable again. To begin building the wedding ring of your dreams visit or call 1-877-772-6676.