You’re never too young to learn the basics of jewelry Lesson Thirteen: The Octagon Cut She loved octagons: Ever since I was a little girls I loved them. “But most girls love hearts” Well I love octagons. I think we should have an octagon honeymoon. We’ll visit the world’s most beautiful octagon shaped buildings. Like the Baptistry in Italy! We’ll fling the ‘Gates of Paradise’ open and marvel. “And then…” We’ll climb to the top of Giotto’s Campanille and look out over Florence + take zillions of photos. “And then. . ” We’ll sit in a piazza and hold hands. “And. . ” Just smile (sipping wine + nibbling on biscotti) and remembering our octagon moment. Forever. She loves octagons but her ring is made up of two rows of round brilliant diamonds encircling the whole band symbolizing eternal togetherness. The octagon is a ‘step’ cut but with four corners metered with approximately 53 facets of sparkle running in steps parallel to the gemstone circumference.