You’re never too young to learn the basics of jewelry Lesson Fifteen: The Cabochon Cut Such a windy day. The leaves were falling off the trees at rapid speed. ‘We’ll never get them raked’ With that she tossed her beret up in the air and it puffed with air and landed precisely on her head. “How very cabochon of your hat”, he said. Quite a good observation, she teased as she adjusted the hat, Let’s not rake anymore. It’s a loosing battle. Let’s run away’ “Where to?” ‘Anywhere! The sun is out and the leaves will still be here’ He knew she was right and it was too nice a day. They went downtown and window shopped. Their noses pressed against the windows. ‘I love that ring’ “But it’s getting cold and pretty soon you won’t be able to see it under your gloves” She thought for a moment and said: ‘But I don’t always wear my gloves’ The next week when she went to put on her gloves she couldn’t get her fingers inside. There was something there. ‘When did you get this?’ He said: ‘I did a little online shopping while you were sleeping. It was a tough choice.” One of many beautiful cuts a cabochon is an unfaceted gem that is smooth to the touch- it is a modification to the gemstone face that creates a highly polished convex-cut, although a simple cut -it is very elegant. ‘But I decided on a Tango Citrine ring in a cushion cut to remind you of fall and the day we ran away from the leaves’