When planning a wedding, you have countless arrangements and details to look after. For example, choosing floral displays, taste-testing food options, and selecting cultured pearl jewelry to match your gown are just a few of the tasks on your agenda. You’ll also have to purchase a thoughtful gift for the bridesmaids and groomsmen whose contributions are so critical to the success of your event. As with most traditions, there’s a certain etiquette involved in fulfilling this obligation to the wedding party. While the rules are not written in stone, several experts recommend adhering to the following general guidelines: Don’t procrastinate It’s tempting to put off buying bridesmaid and groomsman gifts until the last moment, but that only invites disaster. Instead, start shopping 1-2 months before the event so you have a bit of a buffer in case anything goes wrong. Loosen the purse strings When deciding how much to spend on these gifts, consider the time and money your bridesmaids and groomsmen have invested in your big day. Gowns, shoes, makeup, tuxedo rentals, airline tickets, and hotel rooms cost a lot, so their gift should be worthwhile. That doesn’t mean you have to spend an equivalent amount, but you shouldn’t skimp either. Looking for sales or purchasing duty-free jewelry items from Amoro can help stretch your dollars farther without sacrificing quality. Choose the gift wisely This largely comes down to a matter of taste, but most people would prefer receiving items that can be used on other occasions. So forget about the mini champagne flutes with your wedding date emblazoned on them, and consider purchasing tasteful cultured pearl jewelry, sterling silver pendants, or cuff links instead. Hand them out with sincere thanks Bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts are usually given at the rehearsal dinner or during a private gathering before the ceremony commences. Be sure to make a toast or say a few heartfelt words of thanks to each recipient.