A wardrobe is typically defined as a collection of coordinated clothing – both formal and casual. Most of us purchase clothing with an entire outfit in mind. A gorgeous top that goes well with a favorite pair of jeans. A great looking pair of boots that go wonderfully with that new bag or hat. You coordinate tops, bottoms and even undergarments. So why not jewelery? Many people have a special piece of jewelery they wear daily. It could be a ring, necklace and pendant, earrings or bracelet. For many women it’s their engagement ring or wedding band. Why not start building your own jewelery wardrobe that coordinates with your style? So what is a jewelery wardrobe? It’s simply one or many sets of matching jewelery pieces that have the same styling, metal, color and gemstone(s) which all work together to create a complete, accessorized look. For many years, Amoro has built it’s jewelery collections around this concept. From Sterling Silver to 18kt Gold, Amoro has crafted some of the most beautiful jewelery wardrobes ever worn for both casual, everyday use and very special formal events. The more formal, but certainly worthy of showing off anytime are the new I Forever Do Solitaire Collection pieces. Stunningly brilliant, genuine Eternity Cut® Diamonds, Round Brilliant Cut, Ideal Cut Diamonds and Princess Cut Diamonds are the spotlight attractions in the 18kt white and yellow gold Amoro settings. Amoro’s own unique “personal pleasures” such as the Amoro Diamond Kiss in the Solitaire Ring Shanks, heart-shaped prongs and extra large secure earring backs are all thoughtfully included in the designs. Amoro Diamond Solitaire Ring In 18kt Gold Amoro Diamond Solitaire Ring In 18kt Gold The Amoro Tango Collection, one of this year’s most popular designs, is perfect for everyday wear. Beautiful genuine Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Green Amethyst and Citrine adorn Sterling Silver or 14kt Gold (both yellow and white) designs. Amoro’s signature heart-shaped prongs hold both the cushion and emerald cut gemstones securely in romantic, heart emblazoned rings, necklaces and earrings. Because of their excellent craftsmanship and durability, these pieces can easily be worn daily, for special events, evenings out on the town and vacations. It’s a wonderful and rewarding experience building a jewelery wardrobe over time. Many clients share that it’s an opportunity to buy new, precious jewelery for yourself or a loved one anytime of the year. Additionally, it makes gifting even easier for those looking for unique and special gifts during special celebrations like anniversaries and birthdays that will surely make the recipient happy.