Whether its learning a new skill or language, working out at the gym or striving for a  promotion it's a good time to redouble your resolve in Self Improvement.  Set your self a realistic goal and commit to a time to a time line and adding milestone goals  to and the process is a useful trick for  many bent on self improvement.
Building in rewards to your self improvement program helps to, milestone rewards can be modest a night out with friends, a manicure or facial all make you feel better and are good pat me on the back.

Once your attain your goal why not plan a bigger reward like a new piece of fine jewelry, like a tennis bracelet, from Amoro.com they have great Duty Free pricing which gives you significant saving over  regular retail so you can feel good about being a savvy informed shopper too.

Perhaps choosing your jewelry when you start your self improvement program printing out a picture of  your reward and posting it to your refrigerator door can give your resolve a  great reinforcement of your self improvement goal.