Stephen Crane, owner & founder of Amoro Fine Jewelry talks about Amoro jewelry, celebrating memories with fine jewelry and superior customer service to become a customer’s life-long jeweler. A robust passion for jewelry and a desire to give our customer’s an easy, memorable experience when shopping for engagement rings, diamonds and celebratory jewelry is what drives The Amoro brand, founded by Mr. Crane in 1996, evolved from over forty years of celebrating life and jewelry design in the islands. Its name is a marriage of the Latin words for love and gold, and its exclusive designs are the culmination of a lifetime’s love of beauty, fine craftsmanship, romance and value. Stephen emigrated from the United Kingdom to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas as a young man. It was there that he proceeded to open the fine jewelry store, Colombian Emeralds International. The luxury brand and its reputation for quality, soon spread from island to island – eventually spanning Alaska, Bermuda, Bahamas, the Caribbean, and well-known cruise lines. It was a small selection within Colombian Emeralds International stores that gave birth to Amoro. Stephen has since moved on from Colombian Emeralds International to focus exclusively on Amoro, which has developed into a romantic, online personal shopping experience, exclusively featuring Amoro designs. This interview details Stephen’s personal views on creating romantic celebratory jewelry for life’s many anniversaries.