I’ll see you later. Where are you going? North Pole. Remember I told you I have an interview with Santa Claus this evening. I have to hurry; the sleigh will be here in a minute! Well Say Hi to Santa for me and tell him I’ve been a very good boy. Oh yeah and if you could mention the new guitar I want. Please put a good word in for me. I promise. Now let me get my notes and I’m out of here. That’s a sleigh and reindeer. This is for real. Did you think I was seeing a Department Store Santa? I guess not! Welcome aboard Santa’s Sleigh! Where’s Santa? He only drives it one day a year. The rest of the year we use it for tours and transportation to and from the workshop. How fast does this go? You’ll be at the North Pole before you count to ten. And we were. I heard a Ho-Ho-Ho as I entered the workshop. I was getting pretty nervous. But why was I getting nervous? I was interviewing Santa. I hope he’s been good. Come on in my dear. It’s so good to meet you. How was your ride in the sleigh? I hope the boys weren’t going too fast. They love to race the reindeers to keep them in shape. The ride was magical. And my your eyes how they twinkle! And your dimples so merry. I was getting caught up in Santa Claus but I did have an interview to do. May I call you Santa? I feel I have known you forever. Oh course my dear. What is it you would like to know? Do you still get as many letters from children? No, we get email these days. Mrs Claus is busy keeping track of all the requests. It is a full time job. What about the elves? They still build the toys but many are outsourced. It’s so hard keeping up with the demand. Material prices have gone up and food costs for the reindeer. I tell you my dear the Holiday is changing but the magic we must keep it alive. And Santa do you ever want anything for Christmas? Oh yes: world peace, love and harmony. I want everyone to be happy. By the way, I’m dying to know: what did you get Mrs Claus for Christmas last year? Oh that is a sore subject. What do you mean Santa? I forget to get her a gift. You forgot to get Mrs Claus a gift! Shhhh! She’s in the other room and I don’t want to bring up that very sensitive subject. I think you’ll have to make it up to her this year. I must but I’m not sure what she would want. May I make a suggestion? Please. Diamonds. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. And I just happen to have some samples of beautiful Amoro Diamonds. Are you familiar with Amoro Jewelry? I have delivered it to many households. Last year I had many requests for Eternity Cut Diamonds. Well, this year Amoro is introducing the one of a kind Pristine Hearts Diamond and lucky for you Santa we have a few of the limited holiday editions left. I think Mrs Claus would love one. Here look inside the diamond. My goodness there is a heart inside. Mrs Claus would get a kick out of that. We can engrave it for you. Does Mrs Claus like chocolate? Mrs Claus loves sweets especially Godiva Truffles. Then you are in for a treat with complimentary Godiva Truffles to accompany your Amoro purchase. I do believe Mrs Claus will be happy. I hope you don’t mention my forgetting Mrs Claus’s gift on Christmas last year. I don’t think it would be good for my legend. It would be a letdown for children all over the world and they may stop believing. Santa your secret is safe with me. I guess I better be going. It was wonderful. Yes yes dear and Thank you! And then as we flew out of sight I heard him exclaim: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night. He was practicing. Amoro is sensational fine jewelry. Sensibly priced. Shop online 24/7