Summer is a very hectic season for most people. Glorious sunshine, lovely temperatures, and a full slate of fun activities to choose from every weekend means social calendars are often jam packed until fall. Unfortunately, one all too common byproduct of a busy summer schedule is damaged, lost, or stolen jewelry, which is why we urge you to be extra careful about wearing your favorite solitaire diamond earrings, heirloom wedding ring, or diamond tennis bracelet in the coming weeks. Towards that end, we’ve put together this short list of tips that we hope will help your jewelry make it through the summer unscathed: • Sand is highly abrasive and can leave noticeable scratches on gold jewelry such as 18kt rings or bracelets, so don’t wear those items to the beach. • Remove your jewelry—or at the very least cover up with gloves or sweat bands—when playing sports so as not to damage clasps or settings. • Swimming in cool water may cause your fingers to shrink temporarily, making it easy for rings to slip off. If your plans include a dip in the ocean or a lake, better leave your rings at home. • When traveling, never pack your jewelry in an unattended bag or suitcase. Keep these items in your purse or carry-on instead. • Sweat, body oils, sunscreen, moisturizer, and lotion not only dull the shine on your jewelry but also attract additional dirt and grime. Therefore, more frequent cleanings are in order during the summer to maintain a bright and sparkly appearance. Keeping your favorite jewelry safe and sound through an active summer mostly comes down to common sense. Leaving your best pieces at home whenever the beach, swimming, or sports are involved and staying vigilant while traveling will help ensure that your collection remains intact no matter what you have in store for the season.