Could you get me a hot chocolate. . . Still in your pajamas? With whipped cream. Aren’t you ever getting out of bed? And could you bring me my laptop. And what may I ask are you going to be doing? I’m going Christmas shopping. Christmas shopping! Online. In the comfort of my cozy bed. It is so cold outside. With a nice cup of hot chocolate at my side. And whipped cream. No I don’t want to forget the whipped cream. I think I’ll get something for your mother. And my mother. No you can’t forget your mother. And my best friend in the universe. And me. So no traffic. None. No lines to battle with at the store. Never. And. . . And there is more? Of course! Free shipping both ways. Just in case everyone is not 100% satisfied. Amoro is pretty confident everyone will be. And Free luxury gift packaging. A little red box with a big white bow. Very festive I might add. And with new purchases $500 or more we get a Free Godiva gift. I am rather fond of chocolate. And did I say duty free pricing? No I don’t think you covered that yet! So laptop, hot chocolate with whipped cream and your credit card. Please! I knew there was a catch. Merry Shopping online at Amoro! or Call 1.877.772.6676 for simply sensational customer service Sensational Fine Jewelry. Sensibly Priced.