They thought it would be exciting to own a B & B. Just think of all the interesting people we’ll meet. Yeah, and no boss. It will be like being on a vacation every day. But then there was Mrs Henderson. ‘Mrs H’ I’ll never forget her. She came every year on precisely the same date and stayed for the same amount of time. She was always on schedule. Punctuality she always said. It would not be tea at noon if it wasn’t served at noon. We had to synchronize our watches so we’d be on Mrs Henderson time. It was exhausting to be on her schedule. But the old girl was a bit of a giggle. Yeah if you like overbearing bossy women That make you run around like crazy for hours because she thought she misplaced something. Remember the diamond necklace? Who could ever forget the diamond necklace that she misplaced for the 500th time She was hysterical: Her future family heirloom! And then she fainted. We took the house apart. Actually it was so clean when you were done. Well I thought that as long as I was tearing the house apart. And then where was the necklace? On Mrs Henderson of course. It was hidden under her dress. She said she was sorry. You couldn’t blame her she said. She couldn’t see it under the dress. And you couldn’t have expected me to look under the dress. Even if I had my suspicions. Oh yes Mrs Henderson. By the way she’ll be arriving on Sunday. Precisely at 10. And you better have her room perfect. Yes dear. In the words of my friend Basil Fawlty (who talked me into this venture): ‘Why don’t we have another vat of wine, dear ‘ Now I know exactly what he meant.