Happy Thanksgiving And Happy Thanksgiving to you We have so much to be thankful for. Remember when we first met. It was the week of Thanksgiving. And we had our first date on Thanksgiving. You came to my house. You thought my family was eccentric. At least that’s what you said. I was being polite. But the turkey was very good. Your mom is a good cook. And it was the first Thanksgiving of many. At my mother’s house. Come to think of it- you’ve never cooked a turkey. No I can’t say that I have. How could I top my mom’s? And then the next year you proposed to me on Thanksgiving. It seemed to be the perfect day. I was so thankful you came into my life. That’s so sweet. And the ring was so perfect. I still love it. For eternity. I hope so (a princess cut for his Princess). How many Thanksgivings have we had together? 10! Which means it’s our anniversary. Yes Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Anniversary. Celebrations are to be shared with the ones you love. Happy Thanksgiving with Love from Amoro. (Wait til you see the gift)