Halloween - There's a kid inside all of us
Halloween is around the corner.  Let’s give our kids memorable moments.  Let’s not forget that this is also our time to have fun as well. And fun for us is to see our family enjoying the holiday.

At Amoro, our favorite treats are Halloween spider rings and candy necklaces. Of course, nothing beats custom rings, but we love all jewelry.  Needless to say our kids probably prefer the candy variations.

Parents can be positive role models by giving healthy alternative treats this Halloween. Aside from the usual Halloween candy, why not offer healthy snacks instead?
  • raisins
  • almonds
  • peanuts
You can skip the treats all together and offer non-food treats such as bouncy balls, small toys, or crafts and stickers. All of these make for a fun filled Halloween with less worrying about candy intake.

Kids are kids. They love new and cool stuff... and candy!  Of course, they love to chit chat with their friends about their fun Halloween experiences.  Whatever you choose to share this Halloween is sure to be loved either way.   From Amoro, have a happy and memorable Halloween!