It is amazing how a gem signifies the birth month of a person. For babies who first said “hello” to the world on the first month of the calendar year, that precious stone is a Garnet.

  • Garnet, the birthstone for January, is derived from the word granatum which means seed. It resembles a pomegranate seed, after all.
  • For its chemical angle, garnet's minerals allows it to have different colors of the rainbow, from vibrant green to deep red.
  • This gemstone had reportedly been used by the Egyptians as early as 3100 B.C.
garnet and silver bangle
As a birthstone, Garnet signifies trust and eternal friendship, two of the rarest finds in the world today. Jewelry with garnet are indeed the perfect gifts to give to your most loyal and trusted friend.  Here are some of our favorite garnet jewelry pieces.

Garnet and 925 Sterling Silver Bangle

It features an adjustable silver bangle with an oval shaped filigree charm adorned with an emerald cut Genuine Rhodolite Garnet that weighs approximately 0.80 karats.

Traditionally at $140, now at $90 only.

Garnet and Diamond Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver

This charming pair of drop earrings feature 3 heart-shaped Genuine Garnet weighing 2.12 karats, bezel set each, divided by a 0.02 karat genuine diamonds, also bezel set.

Traditionally at $130, now at $85 only.

3.35 Carat 14KT White Gold Garnet and Diamond Pendant

For that special loyal friend, here’s one special garnet jewelry for her. This features one pear-shaped Genuine Garnet that weighs 3.23 karats and forty-one round single-cut 0.12 karat genuine Diamond in an exclusive 14KT White Gold design only by Amoro.

Get it at $495, a price drop indeed from the traditional price of $635.

With these perfect garnet jewelry gifts, your friend will surely treasure the eternal friendship between you two.