Rolling or Love Rings make great diamond wedding rings truly romantic. Just think about the symbolism of two endless love circles permanently entwined. At Amoro, you can select your Perfect Style rolling ring and then customize it for Your Perfect price. The popular Two rolling rings can be a single all gold ring paired with one diamond set ring or two diamond set paired rings. Channel set or burnished set diamonds spaced around the ring work well with this style. Three rolling rings offer even more possible winning combinations of metal colors and diamond options than two rings but make a great show stopping look. Cartier made their iconic tri-gold and diamond Trinity ring famous and they say that the pink gold represents Love, the yellow gold Fidelity and the white for Friendship. Rings can be platinum or all white, pink or yellow 14kt or 18kt gold and for fun two mixed colors. You choose which one is set with a diamond. If you plan on only one diamond set ring, white gold is the most popular to frame pretty diamonds. On select sizes, Amoro also offers a special heart azure in the undercarriage. A hidden detail that makes your ring special. Cartier’s Trinity ring sells for $14,000. A comparable ring at Amoro sells for only $5,500. In addition, Amoro offers its customizable features that allow you to select the style you want, at the price you can afford. Amoro 18kt rolling rings range from about $1500 up to $4500 and are also offered in 14kt versions start at under $700.00. A great savings. For more information on Amoro’s quality, service and vision and to view their full line of romantic jewelry, visit or call 1-877-772-6676.