He walked in the house very quickly (I thought I saw packages in his hands) which aroused my suspicions. Honey did you just get the mail? Yeah, there’s nothing there. Just the usual bills and catalogs. I’ve never seen so many catalogs. It must be because of Christmas. (He was trying to divert my attention, a ploy that was not going to work) Could you bring the mail to me? I love to look through the catalogs. OK, but wait a minute. He was up to something. I wonder what. Here’s the mail. Do you get every catalog ever printed on the planet? Maybe. What do you have there? A little something for you. Go on open it. Godiva Chocolate Truffles! You know I’m a serious chocoholic, you’re just feeding my addiction. I’m sorry, let me help you with some of those truffles. I admit I’m an enabler but I love chocolate too. (Little did she know the Godiva chocolates came complimentary with her gift. A gift that I have hidden. Very hidden until Christmas day. I can’t wait til she sees it) Another chocolate? Don’t mind if I do. Tis the season to sparkle in one of a kind Pristine Hearts limited holiday editions: Click here for sparkle Indulge: In a Complimentary box of Godiva Truffles before the Holidays! Amoro agreed that would be perfectly allowable and recommended. Free of charge with any purchase made at Amoro of $500 or more and shipping to contiguous US destinations now through December 31, 2011