Buying diamond jewelry for the first time can be an intimidating prospect because there are so many variables to consider. Basic research tells you that the four C’s—cut, color, clarity, and carat—are the most important factors, but few buying guides go so far as to make specific recommendations as to which diamond grade is right for you. That’s what we’ll try to do here. Cut Not to be confused with shape, the cut of a diamond is the single biggest factor affecting appearance. A quality cut yields stones that reflect light effectively, resulting in diamonds that sparkle and “flash.” Diamonds labeled as “ideal cut,” including Amoro Eternitymark diamonds, are the best available for engagement rings and other important jewelry; however, many premium cut stones offer excellent reflective properties for a lower price. Color Colorless or near colorless diamonds are preferable because they reflect more light and deliver more sparkle, so we recommend buying stones in the G through I range (or D through F if your budget permits). However, even diamonds graded J through M for color can look good in a setting that minimizes their faint yellow hues. Clarity Clarity refers to the presence or absence of inclusions and blemishes in a diamond when inspected with a 10x loupe. While anything graded VS1-VS2 or above is most desirable, this is an area where you can skimp a bit to save money since the flaws in a SI1 or SI2 diamond are still extremely difficult to see with the naked eye. Carat Though it’s natural to presume that bigger is better where diamond jewelry is concerned, that’s not always the case. You might find that a smaller diamond that grades higher in cut, clarity, and color is a smarter choice than a larger gemstone of relatively poorer quality. All other things being equal, we recommend that our customers buy the best quality diamond engagement rings they can afford that offer the most beauty for money. Amoro is proud to offer its Eternitymark ® diamonds – Ideal Cut, near colorless diamonds with very slight inclusions HVS2 or better -available in fabulous 18kt gold Halo, Pave set and Solitaire styles from 0.50ct and up. Each stone certified by an independent gemological laboratory and engraved with a unique identification number. Fabulous designs that are pleasingly affordably priced can be created at Amoro’s Engagement ring Builder